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Making a Difference: How to Support a Non-Profit Organization

Without non-profit organizations, it’s scary to think where society might be. These vital organizations provide timely and much needed services, drive social change, and address major challenges in areas like healthcare, education, poverty, the arts, and the environment. Furthermore, non-profits work endlessly to improve lives and strengthen communities. Supporting these types of organizations is one of the most effective and rewarding ways an individual can create positive change in causes they are passionate about. When citizens join together and contribute their time, talent, effort, and donations to non-profits, we invest in our collective future and help build a society we all want to live in. 

Identify Causes You Care About

The first step is to identify causes and issues you are passionate about. Do you want to support medical research? Help children in need? Protect the environment? Promote literacy? There are non-profits tackling every major social challenge imaginable. Make a list of issues that resonate with you and do some research to find well-run non-profits addressing those causes. 

Volunteer Your Time and Talents

Volunteering your time is the number one way to succeed at supporting a non-profit.  Many organizations rely heavily on volunteers to provide services, run events, staff offices, and more. Look for volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests.

Are you great with computers? Help a non-profit by assisting with technical issues, building databases, designing websites, managing their social media, or offering training to help the staff troubleshoot tech problems. Your expertise can be invaluable to an organization that is understaffed and underfunded.

Some people have a knack for working with children. These people might look for opportunities to volunteer as a tutor, mentor, coach, or teacher’s aide. Many non-profits offer after-school programs, academic support sessions, sports teams, camps, and other activities that allow you to work directly with youth in need of guidance and encouragement.

Retirees can take advantage of their flexible schedules and apply their career skills to benefit a cause. An accountant could provide financial training or help with taxes. Former marketers can assist with advertising and social media. HR professionals could revamp hiring practices. The possibilities are endless.

Make a Donation

For non-profits, donations from individuals are essential to make day to day goals. Choose an organization you trust and give what you feel you truly can afford. Even small regular monthly donations add up and give non-profits reliable income to count on. Beyond just financial contributions, you can donate goods, professional services, stocks and bonds, or anything else of value.

Spread the Word

In addition to direct support, you can assist a non-profit by spreading awareness about its mission and work. Word of mouth is powerful. Share news about the organization through social media and tell your friends and family. Write an online review highlighting your positive experience as a donor or volunteer. Attend or host a fundraiser. 

Join the Team 

Some supporters take their involvement to the next level by taking a staff or leadership role in the non-profit. Serve on the board of directors to help guide strategy. Apply for a paid job opening to work on the frontlines, carrying out the mission. Use your enthusiasm and know-how to help the non-profit thrive.

Supporting a non-profit organization aligned with your values is one of the most effective ways to create positive change in areas you care deeply about. Do your research to find impactful organizations, get hands-on as a volunteer, donate what you can, spread awareness, and explore paid or leadership positions. The more people who get involved with and champion non-profits, the stronger our communities and world will be.

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