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What do I need to organize a children’s party?

It’s no secret that many of us want an amazing party for our children, although there are many mixed opinions, such as: “why should I organize a baby’s party if it is not going to be remembered” “it is just to spend money”… I like my child to see pictures from previous years and be happy to see how it all turned out on his birthday. In addition to that as a host it gives me great pleasure to see happy guests and friends of my son, with the decorations, activities, and a cute and delicious cake

tiempo-fiestainfantilHow to organize a children’s party and the list of things that are needed to make it more economic?

First, for the organization of children’s parties, we need time.

You don’t want to do everything a week or two before, because although you can achieve it; surely the result will not be the same, as doing it a month or three weeks in advance.

Prepare the invitations

Let’s start our list of things for a party with invitations. Maybe it’s an expense of paper or color prints, and many think they are old-fashioned. But they serve to have something physical, a sketch, and keep in mind the date and time as a guest. One tip is to do it in half a letter size, so you will have two invitations for each print.

You will need to put: Name of the kid, Day, Time, Location, Optional a sketch (if it is difficult to arrive, or they have never gone), Optional photo, and age that the child will meet.


The candy bar

It is a touch that children love, mainly at 3-year-old parties for children. Because when the guests arrive, it is clear that the food is not yet ready and that we have to wait for the others to arrive. So for them to have a snack, it is very common for this type of table with things they may like.

You can make it savoury (potatoes, popcorn, greaves) or sweet (gummies, chocolates, popsicles); or, a table with half sweet and half salty. I recommend this last option!

This table is for a Frozen Party, it may seem very complicated, but they are long strips of tulle, which is an inexpensive material around a table, with gelatin, donuts, chocolate sticks, and sweets to eat, do not complicate yourself!


Table arrangements

They are no longer used so much at this time, but it is nice to have some ornament as a centerpiece at the party. Even if it is a little difficult for you to make so many, you may make about two for the candy table and that’s it. There are several that are made with metal balloons, with helium to float, others that prefer to be more discreet, which are wooden baskets with sweets or for example this one by Mickey, it is with cheap material and diamond, and it won’t take you that long to do it:

centro de mesa para fiesta de mickey

The food

Meals for children’s parties can be very varied and depends on: the number of people who will attend, the place: whether it is at your home, garden, or party room; the budget you have, and the age of the attendees.


Let’s start with the number of people, because you do not want anyone to be left without eating, but anyway, I have gone to parties where casseroles and casseroles are full. So, calculate your guests very well and take just the right thing if it is at home or in the garden. In the living room, you will not have so much problem because you rented it for a certain number of people and in theory you can not exceed that amount.

The budget, the easiest and cheapest is: rice, beans, nopales and chicharrón in sauce. In costs would follow the potato with chorizo, rajas with cream, golden tacos and chicken with mole. If you want to give something more elaborate, you can make milanesas, wire with cheese, beef fajitas, cochinita pibil, and many more. Of waters, that of horchata and jamaica, will be the option, so as not to spend on so many soft drinks.


And for children?

You can go for the classic option of nuggets, hot dogs, and hamburgers; but if you want to look creative and surprise your guests. Do something related to the theme of your child if, for example, it is Paw Patrol (canine patrol) you can make sandwiches in the form of a bone, if it is Mickey’s, with the silhouette of the character and so on:

sandwich y comida para fiesta de mickey


One would believe that they are not needed if it is one of those all-inclusive rooms because they will have some animators, games, and even gifts. But as this article is for a party where we can save, if it is at home, patio, etc. you can print on a fabric with different drawings (children love to draw with crayons) or buy them in a market, or nearby shop. Another thing they can love is to paint their faces, in many establishments they sell all colors and there is never a lack of the acquaintance who can help or the girl who can go for 1 or 2 hours to the party.


The piñata

Here you will most likely buy it because making faces, painting it and everything is a show. My recommendation is not to buy the sweets in a supermarket, nothing from Wal mart, because they will be much more expensive than in a Specialized wholesale store that sells sweets for piñata or in a market if it suits you.  If the character is simple, you can try to do it yourself.


The cake / cookies / cupcakes

You can give any option you prefer, the most appropriate is that if your child already speaks and has preferences, that he tells you what he would like. Since when they sing “Happy Birthday” you will see how happy he gets that he has something he really loves. On one of my son’s birthdays, a friend, for example, helped me make cookies, and another, some cupcakes were all fascinated:


The bags of sweets – goodie bags

The interesting thing about this is that you can give more sweets, or change a little and give something different, such as bubbles, crowns, etc. For example, I went to one of the dinosaurs and they gave us the classic egg that you put in water and a dinosaur gets big inside.

regalos para fiesta de mickey mouse


Finally, the details

Those little things in the décor, really, it doesn’t take much. Even if your child is small or big, he will remember this day in a very nice way for example in the Frozen themed-party, with two markers, the glasses are already like Olaf:


 I wish you the best of luck with all things to planning your child’s birthday party!!!

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