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Headbands for babies and girls

Well, when I thought of making a gallery of headbands, I remembered the popular ones, with lace and a flower, but there are so many options and new ideas that make look beautiful our little girls.

The traditional style,

a lace (very loose) and a flower or a bun:

diadema-bebe09 diadema-bebe11 diadema-bebe02








The next one is the floral one,

the new thing here, is that the flowers are all around the head, with some feathers or another material:

diadema-bebe01 diadema-bebe04 diadema-bebe06







The ones in crochet:

diadema-crochet diadema-bebe00







And some really new ones that I just found out,

there are some headbands with feathers and they cover almost all the forehead, just for the babies that are not annoyed so easily,

totally gorgeous!

diadema-bebe08 diadema-bebe07 diadema-bebe05








And the last ones…

the ones that cover almost all the head with a flower on the side, so much like Charleston, don’t you love it?


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