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Diademas bebés y niñas

Headbands for babies and girls

Well, when I thought of making a gallery of headbands, I remembered the popular ones, with lace and a flower, but there are so many options and new ideas that make look beautiful our little girls.

The traditional style,

a lace (very loose) and a flower or a bun:

diadema-bebe09 diadema-bebe11 diadema-bebe02








The next one is the floral one,

the new thing here, is that the flowers are all around the head, with some feathers or another material:

diadema-bebe01 diadema-bebe04 diadema-bebe06







The ones in crochet:

diadema-crochet diadema-bebe00







And some really new ones that I just found out,

there are some headbands with feathers and they cover almost all the forehead, just for the babies that are not annoyed so easily,

totally gorgeous!

diadema-bebe08 diadema-bebe07 diadema-bebe05








And the last ones…

the ones that cover almost all the head with a flower on the side, so much like Charleston, don’t you love them?


Would you like to know how to make some quick and make them look very cute?

From how to make simple ballerinas for girls to bows.

Here I show you some DIY ideas. Check how you should cut fabrics, even knots, headband flowers and more:


See the references below to do it step by step:




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