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Helpful Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet This Summer

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet This Summer

Cleaning your home is most likely a weekly part of your routine, but decluttering your closet might be an afterthought. It might be quite an undertaking if you have tons of clothes, but ridding your wardrobe of outdated or damaged garments is always worth the effort. There’s nothing better than opening an organized closet with no obsolete items in the way of what you want to grab. Follow along for a few helpful tips for cleaning out your closet this summer.

Take Everything Out and Reorganize

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut when it comes to cleaning out your closet, but taking the time to go through your clothes is well worth the time and effort. Consider setting aside a full day or two to take everything out of your closet and reorganize your belongings. In the process, you can separate your definite keeps from your get-rid-of and maybes.

Once you have separate piles, put your keeps back in your closet in an organized fashion. Next, you can focus on trying on your maybes and adding them back to your wardrobe or placing them in the get-rid-of pile.

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet This Summer

Consider the One-Year Rule

Because an annual closet clean-out is a good practice, many people swear by the one-year rule. This rule is that you get rid of any items you don’t wear over the course of a calendar year. Although it might be a challenge for some, incorporating this rule into your life will help you avoid accumulating too many unnecessary items that you don’t like or wear. After all, knowing what your outfits say about you might help you decide what direction your wardrobe should go.

Pro Tip

Turn your hangers in the opposite direction when you reorganize your closet. When putting your clothes away after wearing them, put them back the right way. After a year, get rid of anything still turned in the opposite direction—if you don’t wear it within a year, you probably won’t wear it again.

Part With Items That Don’t Fit

We’ve all held onto a dress or pair of jeans that are too big or too small, hoping that we’ll fit back into it or alter it to fit; however, you should consider parting with items that don’t fit. There’s nothing worse than pulling something out of your closet, hoping it’ll fit, only to realize it’s too big or too small. Whenever you encounter an item that doesn’t fit, toss it aside rather than put it back in your closet.

Don’t Forget About Accessories

Although your clothes might be the main focus of your closet clean-out, don’t forget about your accessories and shoes. In the same way that you grow out of clothing trends, your jewelry, shoes, scarves, and handbags can also become obsolete. You should go through your accessories every year to determine whether or not each item earns a place in your wardrobe.

With these helpful tips for cleaning out your closet this summer, you can make the most of your wardrobe space. Whether your closet is bursting at the seams or scattered and unorganized, evaluating your clothes annually makes a huge difference.

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