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How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

After Covid, the world found itself creating a new sense of normality which, for many of us, meant getting used to a new lifestyle that consisted of working from our sofas and integrating our jobs with home life. Whilst there are benefits to this, especially for those who have grown to hate the early morning commute, squashed up to strangers on packed public transport, there are difficulties that come with working from home.

Check out these tips to ensure you maintain the work-life balance that is vital to your mental and physical health.


When working from an office space it is easy to access everything that we need to complete our jobs effectively. However, working from home means it is highly likely you will run into technical difficulties that will decrease your productivity and frankly, will just end up getting on your nerves. It is worth investing in technology that is highly reliable and efficient to make your job easier. This will also free up more time to relax and enjoy being at home instead of stressing about small, unnecessary issues. Check out these Lenovo work from home headsets as a place to start making your life so much easier.

Separate Your Workspace from Where You Like to Relax

Sinking into a comfortable nook in the sofa can seem appealing at first in comparison to an uncomfortable office chair; however, this can really hinder your productivity and also will prevent you from separating your time to unwind after the working day with time to be efficient and work-focused. Sit upright in a well-lit space where you don’t usually go to relax and create an environment tailored to productivity. Whilst it can certainly be comfortable, ensure you maintain a balance so that your brain and body don’t slip into sleep mode. This can also allow you to find the distinction between the working day and the relaxing evening, so you can switch off your brain after 5 pm.

Separate Your Time Effectively

When working from home it can be difficult to maintain a balanced and focused schedule throughout the day. At an office, you would have scheduled break and lunch times and the nature of being sat at a physical desk can allow you to find the focus and productivity you need without distractions.

Being in your own house offers a lot more opportunities to get distracted, so you need to find ways to ensure you maintain the same level of productivity. Having a very clear desk space and setting timers on your phone where you have to work until they are finished is a great way to maintain this productivity.

Get the most out of working from home with these simple, but effective ideas. Don’t let your work-life balance slip and make sure your home doesn’t become purely a space for work or for relaxation. Though it may seem like an intimidating change, working from home can free up your time and allow you to manage your own schedule more efficiently.

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