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5 Activities to socialize for children

Meeting new people has never been easy, especially if we are talking about children because they are usually used to certain people and/or places that make them feel safe, so meeting new companions can be difficult. It is because of this and because we understand that who is in charge of a group is not easy to get the little ones to socialize, we have a series of activities that can apply with children, making this task as simple as possible. Always remember that all children are different and you have to know how to respect their times, maybe not everyone wants to participate one hundred percent in the activity, but if they will do it to their extent, allow them the freedom to express their favorite activities or games, they can give you ideas to create other types of activities, but for now, we’ll show you very creative ideas that will help your child to socialize at school, at family reunions, or any other type of situation.

5 Fun SocialIzing Activities for Boys and Girls

1. Guess what, in a race:

This game is for a maximum of 7 participants. Here we will be making a game of guessing what characteristics my companion has, but we will try to make it more focused on the self-esteem of children:

-We are going to put a leaflet with the name of each of the children and we are going to ask that each one write something that he likes about himself, whether physical or way of being, they can be the characteristics he wants, only that he tries that everyone has a similar amount. Now you are going to stick those sheets on the wall and each child will fill in at least one thing about each companion that he likes, when they finish the second part follows.

-Ask that they memorize as much as they can of the characteristics of each partner.

-Now you are going to make little papers with the names, fold them, and put them in a jar.

-The fourth step is to draw a rectangle per child, vertically and you are going to divide it, forming squares within it, the number will be the maximum of characteristics that were written on the sheets.

-You are going to put the children in front of the rectangles, to start the race.

-You will take out a little piece of paper with a name and show it to everyone.

You will give the instructions: It is that each of them must give a characteristic of the selected companion according to the bottle, they must coincide with the sheet so that a picture advances. Whoever remembers the largest number and advances the most frames wins. It is not worth repeating what others have already said. You can award a sweet for something they remember or one to the winner. The idea is that while they say their characteristics, you go praising the children a little so that they feel confident. So on until the papers are finished.

2. Catch me if I don’t remember

This dynamic is aimed at socializing and remembering the name of the companions. as if we played trapped, only this time, you can avoid being caught, if you remember the name of another of the companions, before they touch you, you must say the name of another person, then, automatically that person begins to catch.

The fun thing is that they must start memorizing the names quickly so that they do not say that of someone they have equally close and end up catching them faster. They can put a minimum of lives.

3. Broken phone

This game is meant for a lot of laughs and new friendships. The idea is to put all kids in a row. Then, you ask all of them, except the first two kids, to cover their ears as much as possible. You will ask the first kid to tell something to the other kid, as low and fast as possible. A short phrase can be something fun that has happened to him or anything he can remember. Then they should pass the phrase in the same way, low and fast to the ear. The last kid in line must say what he understood.

The idea is that the kids have fun, this is perfect when some kids are starting to know each other, for example, the first day of school. You can ask that the phrase is about what they expect from school, what they want to do, etc. Any sentence will be distorted and fun. To end the game, whoever starts must say the opening sentence.

4. Guess my favorite game

This one also tries to have fun, in reality, there is no winner as such, but you can accommodate them in pairs. They are going to place a white sheet on the back of one of the two and another on the wall, with a down of water, so as not to stain the clothes, one of the children will go slowly tracing or drawing your favorite game, the other will try to recharge his sheet on the wall to imagine and imitate what they are drawing on his back and representing it. In the end, he will try to guess what it was. Regardless of whether he succeeds or not, they will be able to compare the drawings and will be given space so that the child who draws his game, can explain why he likes it and talk more about his tastes.

5. One voice

Nothing better than starting to encourage listening and equipment than this game. This one is a lot of fun and interesting. All children are placed in a place in the room, the one they prefer without a specific order. Now you will ask them to close their eyes, once they are silent and without being able to see anything, you will ask them to count from 1 to 10, as a team, at least or it can be to 15, 20, it depends on the challenges they want to put. The idea is that anyone can say the number 1, whenever they want, but without anyone else doing it at the same time, then we continue with the two, same rule and so on until we reach 10.

Even a single person can say two numbers in a row, the only rule is that no one does it at the same time, that is, that the voices do not get high. Although it may seem to be simple, something very common is that the voices are raised and if this happens, they must start the numbering again. I assure you that it will make them laugh a lot and work as a team.

We hope that these activities allow your children to socialize with greater confidence and ease, it is about this process is not a bad experience or cause fear, anxiety or stress, that is why we try that all activities could guarantee laughter and avoid competition as such or that someone could feel bad about losing. Enjoy a lot and tell us, what do you think will be the favorite of your children?

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