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What Are The Best Gifts To Give New Parents?


The best gifts for new parents can make their busy life with a newborn baby much more comfortable and easier to manage. You can choose to be practical with a gift that covers the day-to-day essentials or opt for special treats. Alternatively, you may prefer keepsake gifts like luxury baby photo albums that can be cherished, treasured, and passed on from one generation to the next.

Baby Essentials

It’s a great idea to help new parents out by gifting them baby essentials that they may not have yet realised that they need. If you’re a parent, gift your friends something that you may have wished for when your child/ren were little.

If you’re feeling generous, you can gift your friends a 6-month supply of disposable nappies (eco-friendly options available), baby wipes or baby formula, to save them having to make a late-night dash to the store when they are functioning on autopilot.

A soft and absorbent hooded baby towel is perfect for drying off the baby after their bath. Bundle baby up in a gorgeous personalised baby blanket or in a swaddle wrap that is embellished with their name.

And a hands-free baby sling is ideal if the newborn won’t settle without close body-to-body contact.

Foodie Treats

Caring after a newborn baby often means that there’s little time available to prep and cook healthy meals, let alone an opportunity for parents to relax and eat dinner together.

As cooking can be an extra hassle for frazzled new parents, it’s a lovely and thoughtful idea to gift them a food delivery treat.

It’s easy to organise takeout food delivery via a service like Uber Eats. If your friends have a favourite local eaterie, you can arrange a pick-up or drop-off delivery order once a week, to save them having to shop for ingredients and cooking dinner from scratch. Or you can order up their favourite pre-made meals, from the supermarket, to fill up their fridge and freezer.

If you’re a keen cook, and you have some free time on your hands, you can rustle up a week’s worth of delicious and nutritious homemade dishes that can be conveniently frozen and heated up.

New parents will greatly welcome food gifts that allow them to focus on the baby’s demands.

A Practical Care Kit

A newborn baby is the centre of attention in their parents’ world. This can mean that for many parents self-care becomes an indulgence.

To help parents look after themselves, so that they can offer baby the best care possible, gift them a practical kit that includes a variety of premium self-care toiletries and products.

Fill up a reusable basket, bag or box with luxurious shower crème, bath oils and body lotion.

You can add some aromatherapy products or candles that contain soothing and relaxing lavender oil.

An eye gel or cooling eye mask, and a pillow spray is also a great idea!

A practical self-care kit will inspire new parents to make time for essential relaxation.

Once mum and dad are feeling pampered, they can chill and browse all of the adorable photos of their precious offspring in their collection of baby photo albums.

Give A Helping Hand

If you have a close friend or family member that has become a new parent, you may want to gift them more than a present that you wrap up with paper and tie with a bow.

Consider offering a helping hand with tasks around the home that may be overlooked now that the baby has arrived. You can offer to do cleaning, laundry or gardening, or to tackle small repairs. You can also step up and give your friends an afternoon or night off by offering to take over the baby duties if you have parenting experience.

The Best Digital Photo Frame

Although new parents are likely to have tons of photos of their bundle of joy, not all parents have the time to print their favorite photos and display them.

You can do them a big favour by gifting them a stylish preloaded digital photo frame that shows off a selection of snaps that you’ve handpicked from their social media accounts.

If you have new parent friends that are super organised, take a peek at their baby photo albums, and pick out your favourite family photos to feature in the high-resolution display.

A digital photo frame that has no storage limit allows you to share and change thousands of photos via touch bar controls. 

A Treasured Personalised Keepsake

There are many special memories that parents are keen to capture during the first days, weeks and months of a baby’s life.

This is why new parents often end up with piles of photographs of their newborn sleeping, smiling and simply looking cute and adorable. 

Kick-start a family heirloom by gifting your friends beautiful bespoke baby photo albums that they can treasure and pass down through generations. Choose a stunning printed or fabric hardback cover for your baby photo book, and customise it with their monogram or full name. If you prefer, you can opt for a softcover photo album that shows off a fabulous close-up photo, for a stylishly modern magazine-esque finish.

You can decorate the high-quality paper pages with your favourite snaps of baby and family, or present the elegant keepsake albums empty and ready for filling with precious memory photos and baby portraits.


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