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10 Arabic names for boys (male)

Many times the name we choose for our baby is related to those characteristics that we want to stand out in him and that we usually instill in them to a greater extent. When looking for the name for your baby you may resort a little to the history of your family, religion, culture, or simply to those of other countries because the ones you know may seem a bit boring, like those we hear daily, that is why in mother tips we have for you 10 Arabic names for your child.

Origin of Arabic names for babies

Many times we want to look for the perfect names for our babies, but when reading them we may not be caused many things by their meanings, this is because on many occasions we can ignore their historical and social context. That is, what had to have happened for someone to begin to adapt that word as a name and take it back as part of the identity of a loved one That is why in this case we will do, we will talk a little about Arab culture before moving directly to the names.

Mostly we will find Arabs both in the Middle East territory and North Africa. We will find a strong religious influence in the daily life of this population, actually marking much of their values, activities, and life goals. So much of the way they raise their children will be governed by these beliefs, starting with the choice of their names. The religion professed is Islam. From here we can begin by saying that it is a population with beliefs that have developed in them a lot of discipline, which directs its life to a desire to “mature humanity morally, in order to reach happiness and tranquility in the world”.

It is thought that the name of people has an important impact because it must represent all the ideals of the community and in turn the main characteristics of the person. Those who choose are the parents, but they must take into account some basic rules, such as those names that are forbidden by religion. These names are those that refer to the name Allah and its characteristics. Example: as-Samad (One on whom all depend for sustenance), Al Khaliq (The Creator), Ar-Razzaaq (The Provider), etc. It is also forbidden to use names that are pagan, that is, refer to false gods or idols. Now if, now that you know a little more about the context surrounding this list, let’s choose the one you consider most beautiful and ideal for your little one.

Arabic names for boys:

  1. Adib: This name means “educated or cultured”, perfect for a child with a lot of curiosity to learn, dedicated and constant. Surely someone who will exercise his profession in the best way and at the same time who will never stop cultivating, without losing humility and the possibility of sharing his knowledge with those around them.
  2. Karim: “Generous, noble.” A child who is completely willing to give help to others, as well as humble and kind.
  3. Dalil / Dalal: “Nice man”, although it seems to be a very general name, indicates that it is ideal for a future man who will be accepted by people quickly, due to his way of being, probably: respectful, empathetic, kind and positive.
  4. Jamal: “Beauty.” This name is very curious, because we are not used to hearing names that refer to beauty in men. It breaks with stereotypes and speaks of a person with a lot of beauty inside and also physically.
  5. Naim: One of the most popular names, it can be easily identified because it is called one of the gardens of paradise, therefore, it refers to religious characteristics and a space full of tranquility. It has different meanings: “comfort, tranquility or sweet, delicious”.
  6. Halim: “Peaceful, gentle, patient,” this is the masculine of “Halima.” It is a very quiet, relaxed child, who seeks above all spaces of tranquility and who usually has very good judgment for resolution, as well as good listening and emotional balance.
  7. Bahir: “Dazzling and intelligent”, a small one destined for success and great challenges, as well as goals that will allow him to have many experiences and learnings in life. He will be very astute and above all he will know very well each and every one of its characteristics.
  8. Jalal: This means “Glory, greatness.” A little one who, like the previous name, is destined to fulfill all his dreams, of course in the process he will develop discipline and a lot of knowledge.
  9. Nadim: This is one of my favorites “friendly, entertaining”, a sweet child, who during his life will carry out one of the most important values, friendship, managing to develop the ability to work in a team, good listening and verbal expression.
  10. Samir: This name you have probably heard, it is usually very common in the culture, since its meaning is very desired within its culture, in this case it means “companion or pleasant person to converse”.

We hope you find these names interesting and especially allow you to add possibilities for your baby’s name. We are sure that once you see it, you will know how to choose the best name for it and these hours, as well as the effort you have invested, will be reflected. Tell us what name was your favorite and why?

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