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What to Expect at the Different Stages of Pregnancy

There is nothing more special in this world that the thought that two people, through love, can create a new human being. It is remarkable when you think of it. It is incredible! Pregnancy and childbirth are a thing that most women will go through in their lifetime. Most women will become pregnant with a child. Unfortunately, some women will never become pregnant. This may be down to a fertility issue. However, the fact that becoming pregnant is not guaranteed makes it even more special. Other women simply may choose not to become pregnant. Everyone is entitled to their own decision. Women may not decide to become pregnant as it is taxing on the body. There is nothing more taxing that childbirth. This Is not to try and scare any readers, it is a fact. However, childbirth is an amazing experience.

This discomfort a mother feels during the months that she is pregnant makes that moment when she gets to hold her baby in her arms more special. Therefore, this article is here to shine some light on what to expect when you are pregnant. It will put a particular emphasis on the first trimester and how pregnant women feel tired at this stage. First, what is the first trimester?

The First Trimester of Pregnancy

There are three main stages in pregnancy. These stages are known as trimesters. There is the first, second, and third trimester. Each of these stages will take the woman through the 9 months of pregnancy. Today, we will be looking at the first trimester, and in particular, first trimester fatigue. The first trimester lasts for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. It will take the woman through the initial ‘becoming pregnant’ stage and through the various symptoms that come with this. Therefore, the first trimester is a busy one. It involves lots of doctor appointments. These appointments will be to confirm the pregnancy.

You will also need a lot of information at this stage to educate yourself on what changes you need to make to your diet. This is essential. There are certain foods you should and should not eat. For example, you will need more protein. Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco are both prohibited. You will also experience morning sickness up until week 9 of the pregnancy.

Why do Women Feel Fatigued?

This last point on morning sickness is perfect to lead us into why women feel so tired. Think about it, there are a few symptoms at play. As a result of these, your body is working extra hard, even though there is another human starting to form inside you. There are also several hormones that are activated when you become pregnant. These can all have the effect of making you more tired. Moreover, you may simply just have trouble sleeping. This is normal. There is a lot going on. If you are nervous are pregnancy, you can read more here. It is also important to remember the rights that pregnancy confers upon you.

Have a safe pregnancy!

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