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How to Look Professional and Beautiful Every Day

Finding the right clothes for every occasion is a superpower that all women acquire over time. And, without a doubt, there is no situation that tests our style and imagination as much as choosing an outfit for work. Most companies have a dress code to maintain a more professional image, but who said it had to be boring or old-fashioned?

Well, take note, because today we will give you some tips to adapt the dress code to your style and know how to look professional every day!

1. Always go for a women’s suit

Women’s suits never go out of style. The reason? A good suit will not only help you convey security and status; Depending on how you use it, you also have the possibility to create from the most elegant looks to the most original and fun.

The first thing you have to consider when choosing a suit are the types of coordinates that exist: dress, pants, or skirt, matching with a jacket. Find the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

Then take the color into account. A great advantage that women’s suits have is that almost any color is allowed, depending on the occasion in which you are going to use it:

  • Gray, dark blue, red, and black are more executive shades.
  • White is a very flattering shade, as it denotes elegance, sophistication, and greater authority.
  • Pink, sky blue, sand, etc., are perfect colors for spring or summer, but you need to combine them more carefully so that they don’t look casual or overloaded.

The size of each piece of your suit should also be chosen very carefully:

  • Jacket: Look for those with a waist marked with “darts”. The length of the sleeve should reach the wrist (with the arms relaxed down). When you put it on, it should NOT have wrinkles.
  • Pants: choose a straight cut, which is not too tight. The length should cover at least 2/3 of the heel to elongate your figure. Avoid side or back pockets if your hips are very wide, as they add volume in this area.
  • Skirt: In general, the ideal length is at knee height.

Depending on the fabric and accessories you combine with, your suit adapts to any event, schedule, occasion or time of the year. For example, if your work has “casual Fridays” and you leave early, modern women’s jackets combined with jeans and sunglasses are a great alternative to look relaxed, but no less elegant.

If you’ve never worn a suit to work before, it’s time to try something new that you won’t regret! You can start by looking for inspiration on Pinterest boards that contain fashion for the office.

2. Shoes: How to look professional?

There is no more elegant shoe than the classic sneaker. The most formal colours are black and brown, followed by navy blue, burgundy, or Oxford grey.

In a more conservative setting, a shoe with a closed heel and toe is most acceptable. But if your work allows it, sandals with discreet slits will save you, especially in the hot season.

3. Use only as many accessories as necessary

If we talk about jewelry, in the formal environment it must be discreet, classic, and in small quantity: a necklace, earrings, and bracelet are enough. It doesn’t need to be gold or silver. You can even choose to have good quality costume jewelry.

Another amazing option to change your style is to use a scarf or scarf. With a plain blouse you can wear a scarf with a discreet print and vice versa.

As for your bag, make sure it’s in excellent condition, small, and has no prints or the brand’s logo all over it. If you wear a belt, make sure it’s thin and made of leather.

On the other hand, before being cute, shoes should be comfortable to wear for long days. Depending on the outfit you are wearing, you can choose between leather shoes, loafers, low, medium, and high heels, boots, or ankle boots. Although the possibilities are endless, the essential thing is to keep them clean at all times as that speaks for itself about your personal hygiene.

Play around with accessories to add a distinctive touch to your outfit every day and you’ll see that looking elegant and flawless in the office is easier than you imagine!

4. Keep your hair and personal hygiene impeccable

In general, interviews and executive meetings have a formal style. While in the daydays you opt for a casual business style or informal dress-up; This also applies to styling. Whether you have full, long, or short hair, learning how to style it will make you stand out looking stylish without falling into exaggeration.

It’s just as important to wear natural makeup to complete a sober look that highlights a single attribute (e.g., lips), keep your nails clean and cared for, and avoid wearing perfumes that are too intense.

Rely on formal clothing stores for women as they have a wide variety of seasonal outfits and can even be combined with each other.

Remember that our image also speaks for us, hence the importance of taking care of sending the right information.

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