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What is the Purpose of a Dammit Doll?

There are certain periods when the world feels against you. During these moments, you may desire for the ground to open up and cover you–to hide your pain, frustrations, and disappointments. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to see the future during times like these, rendering you emotionless and unproductive.

The feeling may worsen when you interact with others from your family or work team. Punching, breaking, or smashing things has been a trend that helps people release the tension within. A Dammit doll is one of those items you can own that can be a personal punching bag. Don’t take your frustrations out on your cuddly Squishable pizza and risk damaging it—this doll is carefully designed for rough handling!

What is a Dammit Doll?

A dammit doll is a 12-inch cloth doll that looks raggedy–voodoo meets sweet Ann, meant for helping adults relieve stress. The dolls come in various designs, bearing a unique poem that helps manage stress.

The poem goes:

“Whenever things don’t go well, and you feel like hitting the wall and yell,

Here’s a little Dammit Doll that you can’t do without.

Just hold it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it.

As you beat the stuffing out, yell, “Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!”

What is the Purpose of a Dammit Doll?

A dammit doll will help you relieve pent-up anger. Using the doll is better than engaging in activities that may lead to fractured bones or trouble with the police, family members, or friends. One of the anger management techniques states that it’s wise to express your feelings instead of holding onto them.

If you are in a work setting, physically or virtually, you pass the dammit doll from one person to another. Then, when it’s your turn, you take the dammit doll and slam it over the desk, wall, or floor, venting out all your frustrations.

During this period, there are no comments, feedback, or judgment. You will say out loud what’s causing you to feel sad, angry, or emotionally derailed. Once you are done, you will pass the doll on to the next person, and the cycle will continue until everyone has had their chance to whack the doll.

If you buy a dammit doll for your own use at home, go to a space where you will be uninterrupted, safe, and comfortable. In this space, yell as loud as possible while striking the doll, and it’s okay to cry and shout.

Once you finish expressing your feelings, tap within yourself the reset button, wash your face or take a shower and you will feel better. If you don’t live alone, tell your partner or roommate about the dammit doll and explain its purpose. This way, they will not misinterpret your actions or interrupt your session.

Some of the essential ground rules to consider when using the dammit doll around people includes:

  • No personal attacks
  • No critical feedback directed to one person
  • Venting out things you cannot control, like the effects of floods in your area, increased crime rate, or the pandemic
  • No judgment
  • Not using the knowledge gained about your colleague to harm, bully, or attack them after the whacking session

Using a dammit doll to express your feelings makes the venting have a purpose, and sometimes, you may giggle and laugh in the middle of smacking the doll. This is entirely okay as it explains that you have found humor in your own frustration.

However, it’s important to note that hitting or smashing items may not provide a solution if you have chronic anger issues. Instead, it will give temporary relief; later on, you may feel angrier or more frustrated.

5 Tips to Help You Deal with Frustrations

Frustrations can be challenging to put into words. It is a mix of disappointment, anger, and annoyance. These emotions do not provide productive results, and while you can’t control how you feel, you can manage your reaction to the emotion.

When you are frustrated, everything may feel overwhelming, chaotic, and uncontrollable. Here are a few tips you should consider using when you feel flooded with emotions

Calm Down

When experiencing a strong emotional response, stop your mind from racing by working on your breathing. Performing some breathing exercises can help you get more oxygen to your brain, reducing stress.

A good breathing technique is the 4-7-8, breath in for four seconds, hold for seven, and breath out for eight seconds.

Clear Your Mind

Everyone has a different method of clearing their mind, for example, petting an animal, listening to music, running, or doing yoga. The most important thing is getting your mind off the stressor for a few minutes or hours. Taking a quick mental break is additionally important even when you are not particularly stressed.

Have a Solution-focused Attitude

Instead of magnifying the problem, consider ideas that are helpful to your current predicament. When you have a solution-focused attitude, you will realize how easy it will become to pinpoint the root of your frustration. As a result, you will work towards solving the source of your frustration.

Learn a Lesson

During periods of crisis or challenges, it’s always beneficial to consider the role you played and how you can provide a solution. If you refuse to accept that things will never always go according to your plan, you may likely develop a rebellious attitude, which may continue as you age.

For example, if traffic is the source of your frustrations, consider getting out of the house earlier. This will help alleviate the stress and have a better day.

Accept the Situation

When faced with disappointing situations, accepting changes in a particular situation and working around the new setup will allow your mind to relax. Giving up is hardly a solution, as escaping a problem does not make it go away.

Taking a break or a pause is taking time to regroup or refocus while giving up is permanently getting yourself out of a situation because you fear the outcome or results. Ultimately, giving up can cause more frustrations and feelings of failure.

Express Your Feelings

Saying how you feel about a particular situation is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it’s a sign of emotional growth that can help improve the relationship between yourself and others.

Being proactive, practicing patience, and not allowing problems to define and derail you will lead you to have peace in all aspects of your life.

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