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4 Mexican short legends

Let’s start by talking in general about legends. These are narratives that have passed over generations and that become part of our identity as a country, even come to represent much of our culture, since they describe customs, beliefs, clothing, historical facts, from small details. So they become a combination of real and fantastic facts, which create feelings of wonder, fear and many questions among people who hear them for the first time. Here we share 5 short Mexican legends, which will surely allow you to continue and share our beautiful traditions.

1. Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl

This is one of the best known and most famous legends of Mexico, which responds to the form of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. Once we observe them carefully, we see that a woman lying down hides and a man lying next to her side watching over her sleep. This legend has been around for many years. It is believed that there was a Tlaxcalan princess, who was extremely in love with one of the most important and brave warriors of her kingdom.

However, a difficult time came, full of war, so the warrior Popocatépetl had to make the decision to go to fight in order to protect his beloved and his people. Before his party he asked for the hand of Princess Iztaccíhuatl, promising that he would return and thus be able to love and care for her eternally. In the middle of the war, one of the enemies of the warrior, was also in love with the princess, so he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity by telling her that Popocatépetl had died.

The princess, upon receiving this news, gradually decayed, until the moment of dying of sadness. On her return the warrior took her to the top of the mountains to give her a tomb worthy of her greatness, then he knelt with a torch to illuminate it and remained in that position with the passing of the days, because he wanted to fulfill his promise, he wanted to love her and protect her eternally. The gods, seeing this, moved, offered them the opportunity to immortalize their love, covering them with snow and turning them into those beautiful mountains, which still guard their figures and represent their love.

2. Rabbit on the moon:

Legend has it that one day Quetzalcoatl decided to travel all over the world, then came to earth in the form of a human so as not to be recognized. Way and path, however, there came a time when his body could no longer due to fatigue, but above all to the hunger he had. Then, a little bunny who was near him offered him his food, mentioned that he could take from the grass he had collected.

Quetzalcoatl in response, I told him that he could not, since it was not a food he could consume. To which the worried rabbit asked then what will you do?, Quetzalcoatl sadly replied that maybe he would have to starve, because there was no other option. The bunny bravely, thinking of helping him, offered to eat it, which could perhaps save his life.

The God surprised at his gesture, felt very grateful and told him that he was too important and great. He told him that everyone had to know him and remember him, so he took him in his arms, raising it to the moon and leaving its image impregnated. Then I lowered it again to the earth, so that it could be observed and look at how much it was worth, then Quetzalcoatl became God again and said goodbye thanking himself for such a noble proposal.

3. The black charro:

The black charro is one of the main legends that is told to children, but that is also valid among adults. It is believed that this character has arisen for many years, it is said that especially at the time of the revolution, so his clothing is logical. Dressed in charro, with a black hat in such a way that it prevents you from looking at his face.

It is believed that this man who rides a horse walks at night in lonely or rural areas. Appearing before the eyes of people who walk around the place, especially those who are in need of money. The charro offers them gold coins, if the person does not accept them nothing will happen. It is very unlikely that it will reappear, but in case they accept it, there are two versions.

One is that he then offers to take them and once they get on the horse there is no way the person can get off, they are never seen again. The other is that after handing them the money goes away, people use that large amount of money, but over time they pay for their greed. There are beginning to be consequences, including illness, death or disappearance of loved ones. Much has been said about the hypothesis that it is the Devil, so if you are close to a church, he will choose to move away. One of their main goals is to take away souls full of greed.

4. The nahual

The nahual is probably one of the oldest legends of our Mexico. This arises from pre-Hispanic times, in the Mayan culture. Its meaning is “Disguise, deceive or hide”. It was believed that sorcerers, called in that culture Shamans, had such a, but so strong bond with the Gods that it was possible for them to become the animal that was bestowed upon them at birth.

This animal in which both witches and sorcerers are transformed is what is called nahual, however, they are very afraid, because it is not only a defenseless animal, but they are usually larger than usual, dark in color and with certain human features.

Many of these sorcerers use their power to do acts with malice, such as stealing, feeding on souls, providing disease, taking revenge on those who have tried to harm them. They are only seen at night and it is believed that the only way to end them is through preparations with holy water. Many people have been very afraid of them, so for a long time it was a good reason not to go out at night.

We hope you liked these legends. That you can share them with all people, so that the culture and traditions continue to be maintained over the years. In addition to being so short, they can be simple to remember and easy to understand for our children.

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