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What can I do to take care of scars when it’s cold?

This way you can protect your scar from the cold and at the same time accelerate its healing.

The scars sometimes stand out when you’re in front of the mirror with climate change, doesn’t it? They could go unnoticed in the warm environment, but in the cold, it is a different story. In addition to using products from a dermatological pharmacy to give you better care, we will tell you what else to do in your daily life to prevent you from being so sensitive to the weather and closing more quickly.

The healing process

To know how to avoid discomfort in scars from the cold, the first thing we must understand is how the healing of this type of wound happens. Understanding your skin is the first step in giving it what it needs.

The purpose of healing is to reattach tissues that were injured from surgery or incision. It occurs naturally and is a complex three-phase process that lasts no less than two years: inflammatory, proliferative, and remodeling.

Whether it heals properly or not also depends on these factors: where the scar is, the size and depth of the wound, your skin type, your age, as well as the suture and materials that were used to close.

How to take care of your scar in winter weather?

In case it has healed correctly and now has a soft, whitish, and painless appearance, the cold will not affect you, but if it is still going through any of the phases of the process that we already mentioned, it is time to help you have fewer difficulties by speeding up its closure.

Hydrate it

Use a special cream, oil, or gel for skin lesions such as kitoscell to moisturize your scar deeply and help it maintain its elasticity and health. Using one of these products will favor the process by reducing inflammation and toning the tissues.

Protect it from UV rays

We all know that ultraviolet radiation is not beneficial for the skin, less so for scars. Avoid exposing your scar to UV rays, even in the winter season at least during the first year, so that it is not pigmented forever.

Massage it

Massages are beneficial on all parts of the body, even on scars. You can do it when you are going to moisturize your scar, making circular movements on it. This will favor the undoing of the adhesions that complicate the recovery process.

Press a little

Pressing a little on the scar has many benefits to make it heal faster and better, plus you will be less sensitive. Some of them are: being closer to the tissues, avoiding bruising, prevent hypertrophy, among others.

Quit smoking for a while

One of the negative effects of smoking tobacco is that it decreases the level of oxygen in the blood., therefore the healing is slower and the wound will remain somewhat delicate. It’s also important that you’re in rooms free of microbes and tobacco smoke.

Reduce shower time

The humidity favors the generation of infections and slows healing, so avoid taking too long to bathe and leave the swimming for later. Contact with water should be brief, even more so if it is cold. Otherwise, the scar will look more and will be left with intense color.

Now you know what to do to take care of her from the weather and other elements while she heals. Remember that the process of recovery of the skin and tissues is not easy, so be patient, apply these tips and protect it with the best dermatological products.


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