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The Backyardigans-Themed party

The Backyardigans is still one of the favorites of our children and that is why I bring you some ideas to make a birthday party for your girl or boy, with simple steps and very colorful. As in other party articles, I mention what is necessary:

1.- The invitations, here I leave you some blank templates, (click on the image to make it big):



2.- The activities, you can do several things so that your little guests do not get bored, such as throwing balls, coloring drawing or putting on original hats:backyardigans-antifaz



tasha-colorear backyardigans-imprimir


4.- The decoration, the good thing about this cartoon is that it is full of colors, so as long as you put everything of colors, arrangements, pendants or some ornament, with the characters, you will have an incredible party (the next one you can print for a napkin holder for example):backyardigans-servilletero



5.- The cake or cupcakes, can be as easy as the next one that I show you -circular box cake, economical- or that you send it to make, now, if you want cupcakes, you can cut the characters that I pass you next and insert them in the tops of the cupcakes:

backyardigans-pinguino-pastel backyardigans-pastel

(Click on the image to make it large and print):backyardigans-personajes




6.- The gifts or goodie bags, it is not always easy to find somewhere just what you need, then you can do it yourself, printing the characters that I passed you previously and make candy cones, or bags with gifts (as you prefer):




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