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Tips – When, how and where to travel being pregnant

In my opinion – except for special health circumstances – a pregnant woman should not stay at home, quiet and doing nothing, as many people believe. Pregnant women can lead their normal lives and that includes traveling.

Do not stop and make that trip that you want so much before your baby is born. Having a baby-moon with your partner is a great way to connect, enjoy mutual company, romance and have fun.

So that everything goes well, these are my recommendations:

When to travel pregnant?

Half the pregnancy is ideal.

The first three months of pregnancy are the most delicate because it is where most cases of spontaneous abortions occur. Since we don’t want anything to happen to you or your baby, you better not take risks in these months. In the same way, in the last three months, the mobility of the mother’s body is no longer the same, we are not so agile, we are tired and do not enjoy the same. In the worst case, there may be some situation that causes premature birth, so it is not advisable to travel in the final stage,

How long can a pregnant woman get on the plane? You cannot board from week 32 without a medical certificate.

The ideal time is in the second trimester, when dizziness, vomiting, and other discomforts have passed, when pregnancy is less risky for both of you and the tummy begins to grow, so you can still feel “light.” These months are perfect to enjoy a good holiday with your partner.

Consult your doctor before a trip

Do not go traveling without the permission of the doctor in charge of supervising your pregnancy. It is not that as such you need a letter that guarantees that everything is going well and you can travel without complications, but it is recommended that you tell your doctor where you will go in case of vaccine problems, medications that you probably do not get in that place or in case you have to adjust the dose of vitamins, etc. Better a complete check-up and enjoy it.

Where to travel?

Travel to nearby destinations

If you are going by car, sitting so long can be uncomfortable, or you may need to go to the bathroom repeatedly. For this reason, I recommend road trips of no more than 3 hours, making all the required stops so that you and your baby are well. If you must take a plane, that is to a destination that you have a maximum of 2 hours of flight, because in these cases you will not always be able to stand in the bathroom, as in turbulent moments. In both cases stay hydrated.

Take care of your diet

During the holidays it is very easy to eat everything because you are having such a good time that “it is worth it” to make exceptions. Try not to do so, there are delicate things that it is advisable not to eat, such as seafood, raw meat, and coffee … there are always delicious alternatives that you can eat without fear and without risking the health of the little creature you bring inside. Always load a refillable water bottle so you stay hydrated all the time.

Do not forget your pills!

Vitamins, folic acid, calcium, iron, etc., there are several pills that we should take during pregnancy to help strengthen our defenses and the growth of the baby. Do not forget them, and preferably take from the beginning all that you will need during your trip because you run the risk of not finding them at the destination where you go, although it is not a rule. If you are pregnant with any special health circumstance and must take another class of medications, be sure to take the doctor’s prescription for any emergency.

Travel insurance

Whether you are vacationing in or out of Mexico, it is very important to have medical insurance that covers any eventuality. For the foreigner, there is specific travel insurance for the days that will leave and they will be able to cover the needs of your pregnancy. Find out and anticipate.

How to travel comfortably?

When you arrive at your destination, relax and enjoy it. Do everything at your own pace, don’t force yourself. Walk as far as you can and sit as many times as necessary. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, so do the things you want and don’t do the things you don’t feel like. It’s about having a good time and having a good vacation, not risking your health and that of your baby when doing activities that do not correspond to your time.


Cynthia Modesto Castro

Viaja y Come

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