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Tips for Embellishing a Plain Prom Dress

Tips for Embellishing a Plain Prom Dress

Does your child’s eyes shimmer with excitement at the thought of prom, but their dress is far from dazzling? Are you feeling overwhelmed with sticker shock when shopping for the perfect formalwear? Instead of widening your budget this season, why not widen your creativity by revamping a plain prom dress into something special? We have put together some tips for embellishing a prom dress so you can make your daughter’s prom memorable without breaking the bank!

Tips for Embellishing a Plain Prom Dress

Add a Touch of Sparkle With Rhinestone Accents

Rhinestones and sequins are a great way to give a plain prom dress some extra pizzazz. You can use flatback rhinestones to add shimmer and sophistication to the neckline and hem. Meanwhile, rhinestone appliques and bandings are perfect for adding a unique and eye-catching touch to the bodice of the dress. With just a few rhinestone accents, your child’s prom dress will turn heads on the big night.

Fashion a Flourishing Tulle Skirt

Tulle is an ideal fabric for creating drama and movement in any dress, especially when it comes to prom attire! You can easily add a beautiful, layered effect by attaching tiers of tulle at the waistline. If you want to keep it simple, try adding just one layer of tulle for a subtle and graceful look.

Dress It Up With a Beaded Trim

Beaded trims are a great way to give any dress an elegant touch. Depending on the style of the dress, opt for pearls or crystals for a classic look, or choose beading in bolder colors for something more modern. You can use the trim to embellish just the bodice or hem of the dress or add it around the whole circumference of the skirt for a dramatic and glamorous effect.

Add Personality With a Sash or Belt

A unique sash or belt can add a touch of personality to your teen’s prom dress. Choose something bold and colorful for an edgy look or keep it classic with a timeless silver chain belt. You can also choose a beaded sash or a belt adorned with rhinestones for some extra sparkle.

Add Some Lace Detail

Lace is a timeless fabric that gives any dress an instantly elegant look. You can either add lace to the entire bodice of the dress or attach some delicate scalloped edges along the neckline and hem for a more subtle effect. Lace is also perfect for creating sleeves if your child wants to cover their arms on prom night.

There you have it—five easy, inexpensive tips for embellishing a plain prom dress! Of course, if you don’t want the extra work, you may prefer to opt for a prom dress that’s more flashy straight from the store. If that’s more your bag, check out these prom dresses, by Sherri Hill. Otherwise, with some creativity and strategy, you can transform your teen’s prom dress into something special.



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