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Baby Room Decoration Ideas (2020)

The moment is getting closer, and part of the exciting experience of parenting begins in the process of decorating the baby’s room. I took the exciting task of reviewing among the opinion of hundreds of experts and options, and this is a summary of the 2020 trends in children’s room decoration.

5 baby room decoration ideas

1. Contrasts: fashionable colors for this 2020

Some research has concluded that babies perceive colors differently from adults. Painting with multiple shades of the same color is practically the same as painting in a single color. So by 2020 trends point to contrasts.

For example, many specialists in the decoration sector, promote the use of electric and vivid colors, which make a nice contrast with neutral colors. While others play with soothing colors.

In what both cases coincide, it is in the strokes with geometric shapes, moles, stars, animal motifs, trees, and other visually attractive figures. The focus of all this is that there is a high contrast between the colors.

2. Neutral white on furniture

The use of beautiful white furniture, accompanied by the rest of the furniture in this same neutral color, is a factor in what all specialists and decorators agree on.

The advantage of this is that you can combine their furniture with any color you choose for the walls, they are unisex, you can use them for a few years and can adapt to different motifs, themes, and even children’s vinyl.

As for the material, natural wood with round edges and gum protectors, are also part of this trend.

3. Thematic and minimalist decorative elements

By 2020, less is more, even if it comes to creating a uniform theme in the baby’s room. This will not only save you a lot of work and money, but the room will look more spacious and tidy.

For example, you can theme the room like a football field by playing with the contrasts and colors characteristic of each sport. This will make it a room worthy of many selfies with your baby.

On the other hand, you can use soft, soothing colors, and place some large, tender animals, such as rabbits, bears, or other sleeping dolls, in certain places.


4. Customizing furniture design is a 2020 trend

The use of aerial cabinets also matched the opinion of many experts. You have the option to hire a carpenter to think about them, design them and make them measure, or visit your favorite store and find the one that best suits you.

This year the creativity of parents is put to the test. There are many variants in the furniture to be able to customize the baby’s room.

Some even included some drawers to the baby’s crib, others left spaces for cute baskets, and all this even allowed to add other elements that the little one could use in the future, such as a slide, a pony or the goal of a football pitch.

5. Use of eco-friendly materials

The environment is a focus of attention this year 2020, so most of the ideas to decorate the baby’s room revolve around materials friendly to our planet.

In this sense, it considers that none of these materials is harmful to the baby, from cushions, pillows, and furniture, to his toys and ornaments.

You’re at a very exciting stage, so take paper and pencil, and if you already have some ideas, start planning ideas to decorate your baby’s room.

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