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7 benefits of using erotic toys with your partner

Not many will dare say it, but after a while, things can become monotonous in sex (especially when you’ve been married for many years or have children). And that’s fine, sometimes you can have other priorities and sex comes to the background. But it is very important for you and your relationship that you keep that flame alive, ideally trying something new …

Sex toys are almost always associated with self-pleasure. And it is that the films have been in charge of spreading this erroneous notion. But the reality is that these types of toys can also be enjoyed (even more) as a couple.

So if you want to relive your sex life, or just want to try something new and out of the ordinary, here are some good reasons to start using sex toys with your partner:

They make sex fun and exciting

In addition to deepening intimacy and connection, the truth is that sex is for fun. And what better than to experiment with a sex toy to add a bit of fun to this moment. Also, knowing that they are going to use a little toy at night will make them excited all day, and they will go to bed with all the desire (literally).

You discover new erogenous zones

The rule of sex toys is that there are no rules! Yes, there are some that are for the clitoris, others for the penis and many more different. But the best thing about these vibrating devices is that you can run them all over your body until you discover where it feels best. Dare to explore those areas that you have never considered erogenous before.

They will make you know your partner better

Erotic toys not only make you know yourself better, they help you rediscover your partner’s tastes. Well they say you never finish meeting someone … So turn on your new toy and meet your partner from another perspective.

More and better orgasms

It is normal that after being together for a long time, orgasms are achieved and always feel the same. But it is proven that erotic toys not only increase the rate of orgasms but also make them much more long-lasting and pleasant. And yes, it is thanks to the vibration, but also to the adrenaline of being doing something new.

They change the routine

Routines help us stay organized. But if there is a place where you don’t want everything to be perfect, it’s the bed! This is a time to go wild, mess up, try, and have fun. Take the test and you will see that their sex life will improve exponentially thanks to the fact that they decided to make a change of plans …

There is variety and for everyone

The best thing about sex toys is that they are very varied. Do not think that a sex toy is necessarily synonymous with dildo. There are different sizes, colors, shapes, and functions. Take a look at what each one does and decide which one best suits your tastes.

Erotic toys for couples improve your overall health

Sex toys will make your sex life much more enjoyable. And we all know that sex brings many health benefits:

It reduces stress
Lower blood pressure
Boosts the immune system
Reduces the risk of having a heart attack
Strengthens muscles
Improves bladder control
Helps our sleep.

Dare to try something new with your partner and see how toys will improve their sex life, and therefore their relationship.

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