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Nombres rusos para niño

15 Russian names for boys

Imagine being able to find a name that has a unique pronunciation and meaning, as well as being very uncommon, further evidencing how special your little one is. Well here we have them, you came to the right place. If what you want is not to stay with the most common options, the ideal is to look for names that are from other cultures and what better than Russian names. That’s why in mother’s tips we bring you the most beautiful names in this country.

Origin of Russian names for babies

The origin of these names has a lot of history in its meanings. To begin with, Russia is a very large country, as are its population and traditions. It extends across both about a quarter of Europe and three-quarters of Asia. It is known for its frozen climate, you can even find in its territory the coldest place in the world, which is -67 ° C, a practically uninhabitable but extremely beautiful place. Now let’s talk about the names, these have had many changes and are mainly due to religion and globalization. It turns out that currently 72% of the population practices Orthodox Christianity. We are talking about between 70 and 80 million people.

At first the names of the babies were chosen by means of the calendar of the Orthodox Church, according to the saint who corresponded to their birth. It is even said that as such birthdays were not celebrated but the corresponding saint. Although this has diversified, although many families still do this, others have chosen names that have to important characters in history, artists, historical or scientific events or took up words from everyday life, in the specific case of children many relate to desired characteristics, such as strength and bravery. Something that should also be taken into account, is that some names are shared with the Greeks, due to their roots and religion, so variants can be found. Now yes, let’s know 15 Russian names for children:

  1. Dimitri: It is a very beautiful name and its meaning is related to religion, it translates to “the one who follows the mother goddess”, referring to Demeter, the goddess who guaranteed fertility in the land and crops, so it is a name very close to nature.
  2. Ignati: It is a name intended for a child with a lot of strength, courage and willing to do anything to achieve their goals. The meaning is “Man who was born of fire.”
  3. Arseni: He shares a Greek and Russian origin, some take him as “energetic male”, that is, a little one who will never stop and will always want to explore the world or as “strong”, referring to a physical aspect.
  4. Lev: His translation could be Leon, because of this, we can say that he is a child with strength, determination, courage and a lot of cunning.
  5. Sergei: A very popular name in Russia, it is a variant of Sergio whose meaning is “the one who protects”, ideal for a child who will be loving, brave and empathetic.
  6. Andrei: “Bravery”, actually this name also shares Greek origin, but little by little it became part of Russian culture.
  7. Nikolai: A variant of Nicholas, which has its origin in history, specifically in war, means “victorious or conqueror of the people”
  8. Rodion: It also shares Greek and Russian origin, meaning “Dedicated or devoted to Hera”, the wife of Zeus, Goddess of marriage and family. So it alludes to a loving little one, willing to care and of many values.
  9. Vadim: “ruler or leader”, extremely popular in this country. It refers to characteristics such as empathy, responsibility, commitment and charisma.
  10. Evgenij: A Eugene variable, which wishes to express the birth of a noble being. So it’s perfect for your prince.
  11. Zhivago: This translated term is “life”, it was very popularized by a novel in 57, which curiously talks about the experiences during the war. But returning as such to its origin, we are talking about a name that indicates energy, creation, experiences and a lot of passion.
  12. Yefrem: It is a variant of Efrain, and means “fertile or fruitful”, perhaps at first it might sound strange for a baby, but it can also be taken up as a little one who will create life, we are not only talking about another being, but a lot of projects, dreams and achievements.
  13. Timur: “iron man”, perfect for a baby who will become a strong, intelligent, brave, protective man.
  14. Samuil: Variant of Samuel, whose meaning is “God has heard”, they are very adventurous, witty and with a lot of energy.
  15. Pyotr: It is a Russian variant of peter, meaning “stone”. A small predisposed to strength and endurance.

We hope that among these beautiful names, you can find the ideal one for your little one. It’s about you being able to look at all the possible options before choosing it. Tell us what you thought of these names.

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