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Minecraft Party – Birthday Ideas

The fury of the game has been around us for several years, and if your child is a fan, these ideas for his Minecraft party will make the children’s birthday party a big one.

As in previous birthday party items, I propose invitations, cheap ideas with cheap materials, activities, food and more; It doesn’t matter if you celebrate it in your house, garden or party room.

1.- The first are the Minecraft invitations, and as in each article, I show you a unique and totally blank one of the perfect size for printing (CLICK IT):

2.- The details for the children, very original, painted glasses a very easy stencil, cutlery and napkins; The idea here is to decorate with dark and light green, adding some black; you will automatically have harmony and Minecraft theme for the birthday

3.- The decoration of your house or party room, do it with a small budget and very original ideas— you can do it in a big way:

4.- The snack or food, the idea is that you can put signs on everything, just like in the game; They can be popcorn, candy, potatoes, pizza … use your imagination!

5.- The activities, as they are children because you must have them in constant motion, use one of the boxes that you have ruined and make the following Minecraft game for your child and guests:

And if you have the opportunity to make grids in cardboard, some masks would not hurt at all, your son will love them !!!

6.- The coloring ones, sure your guests love to color with crayons, so here I leave you the blank images so they can do it (click to print large):

7.- The piñata may be easier than you think if you do not find any:

8.- The cake or dessert, here it depends if you want to give sweet souvenirs, make the Minecraft sword made up of cupcakes, a cake (simple and perfect) of square shape, or brownies !!

The cake for the Minecraft party

9.- The candy bags, you might buy the ones that are printed with drawings, but a red bag with a simple printing on TNT bond paper will be great:

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