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How to Plan the Ultimate School Fundraiser Event

School fundraiser events can often be a huge part of the operating budget for the school. School staff, parents and students count on the funds raised to help ensure that kids have all the supplies, equipment and experiences that make for an enriching school year. If you’ve recently taken a more active role and are now planning a school fundraiser, there are several things to consider. Here are some of the best tips when it comes to planning the ultimate school fundraiser event.

What’s Your Fundraising Goal?

Before you get too deep into the planning process, it’s smart to start with a goal. How much money do you hope to raise? Are the funds going to something specific such as new computers, a new sound system, updated sports equipment and so forth? Once you have determined the amount of money you want to raise and how it will be used, you can use that in your messaging and advertising campaign.

Will This Be a Multi-Day Event?

And how about the event itself — will this just be a one-time event that takes place over a couple of hours, or will this be a multi-day event to maximize interest and hopefully donations? Multi-day events will require a lot more planning, but they can yield higher fundraising profits.

Pick a Theme or Concept

Large events can be difficult to plan and often snowball out of control if you’re not meticulous with your decisions and the steps required. It’s for this reason that professional event planners recommend you pick a theme or concept that ties everything together and makes sure it flows. That theme will make it simple to pick the games, décor, activities, movies, music, etc.

Did you know you can rent carnival games and create a carnival-like atmosphere right in the school parking lot? This is one of the most popular themes out there and for good reason. Who doesn’t love the sounds, thrills, and games of the carnival?

Provide Fun Activities and Games

Speaking of games, activities, and games should be a huge part of the plans. You need to give students and parents a reason to show up. What’s in it for them? What will be happening in terms of fun, entertainment, and excitement?

Give Lots of Notice to Students and Parents

Just like planning any event, you also want to give lots of notice so that you get the highest attendance possible. A last-minute fundraiser isn’t going to come close to reaching its goal simply because you didn’t allow people to plan for it.

Not only will you need to give notice, but it’s also wise to send reminders so that it remains a priority in the minds of students and parents. You can send reminders through email, social media, the school website, or the school messaging system.

Using all of these tips, putting in the hard work, and making sure you follow through on all the tasks means you’ll be able to plan a hugely successful fundraiser event. 

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