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Wonder Woman’s Birthday Themed Party

Surely your daughter is identified with Wonder Woman, who is a warrior princess, who has super flight, strength and speed, who is also immortal and has the gift of healing, and you can make a themed party of this great heroine who belongs to the Justice League.

The organization of this party will be easy and fun by following the tips we show you, here at Tips de Madre, so that your daughter has an unforgettable event.

1. The first step is to have the Invitations, and as in my articles, I show you several examples, where you can see that there are totally blank designs for printing at half a letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):

2. The Decoration can be done with balloons in red, blue and white, with which you can form various figures and place at the end of the same golden or silver balloons in the form of stars which represent Wonder Woman, You can also decorate the entrance of your house with sheets of aluminum foil, which is used to wrap gifts, in red and blue, and if possible any of these with the background of stars, adding round ornaments with symbols of this heroine that you can make with china paper. The main tables where the cake and food are located can also be adorned with balloons and in the background put a cardboard figure of this heroine, or the symbol that identifies her and blue and red stars.

3. The Centrepieces, that brighten the place where the guests are going to eat can be of various shapes, balloons on boats or boxes decorated as the uniform of this heroine, sweets with blue and red sweets pasting the symbol of Wonder Woman, or cardboard figures of this great warrior leaning on boxes or boats decorated with the symbol that identifies her.

4. The Details, I show you the fun accessories that you can make so that the girls feel like superheroines, have fun and play with them during the party, in addition to taking them as a gift. The shield can be made with cardboard, fomi or the material that best suits you, and the tiara or headband, bracelets and belt can be made of foil or thin satin fabric, and the bow can be done with any rope and even buy in the market hoops with which the ula ula is played. You can also layer them with red satin fabric and cook or glue with golden tape the symbol of this heroine.

5. The Activities are important, and girls can play with the accessories of Wonder Woman that you made them, and with the hoops you bought them they can play both the ula ula and to tie to some object as if they were catching a villain as superheroines that they are, in addition to that they can play and run through the park, garden or the house with their cape.

I also show you coloring pages that you can print in letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):

6. The Food, there are many varieties of nutritious and tasty food that only need to have the colors or the cardboard figure of this warrior, whose name is Diana Prince, and in some cases that have the shape of a W, star, or its symbol. This rich meal includes fruits, cheeses, ham rolls, popcorn, jellies, so children will enjoy it very much.

7. The Cake, Cupcakes or Cookies, for the cake I show you different shapes that include the headband or the figure of Wonder Woman; cupcakes can be in blue and red colors, adorn them with stars and the symbol of this superheroine; and cookies can be stars, hearts or the uniform of this great character. If you find it complicated to elaborate, you can always send them to do:

8. The Bags of Sweets can be made with bags of paper, fabric or cardboard to which you can paste drawings on paper of the symbol of Wonder Woman and the stars that should not be missing, and memories in addition to the accessories with which the little ones were playing, you can make them candy or bottles of water to which you add the symbol or figure of this heroine. The guests will love it!

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