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Christmas Phrases (Family)

Christmas is a very special time for all people; it turns out to be one of the most anticipated festivities for the whole world. Above all, these are traditions that have persisted through the years and that have taken on a different meaning over the years.

It is a date when the whole family gets together, the children receive some presents or also give details to the people they love. It is eaten delicious, probably dishes that are uncommon during the year; stories are told, phrases are narrated, sung and played. It is a time with a lot of activity and joy in homes, in addition to the fact that the end of the year is approaching, so new things and goals are present.

Precisely because this date is so special, it is important that it is accompanied by beautiful Christmas phrases to share with the family.

Christmas Phrases with Reflection

1. When you are in doubt about what to give a person for Christmas, give them all your love and company because these will become unforgettable memories, and those are the most valuable in life.

2. Time with the people you love is your best investment, while love, smile and hugs are the best bargaining chip.

3. May this Christmas be the most beautiful pretext to start a time of family union, communication and happiness.

4. Thanks to those friends who not only accompany us on these dates but in every moment, where their presence makes us feel that life is to be celebrated. Merry Christmas!

5. May the love that feels like a tender caress, a hug at the right time, a friendly smile and a word made to measure, do not lack you this Christmas or in days to come. Happy Holidays!

6. At Christmas we enjoy every moment and are accompanied by those we love; practically Christmas teaches us what life should be like.

7. On the Christmas tree are not only placed spheres or ornaments; in him there are dreams, desires, illusions, timeshare and a lot of love.

8. The meaning of Christmas would not be the same without the people who accompany me and teach me day by day the meaning of love.

9. This Christmas let’s learn from the children, enjoy without shame, laugh hard and get excited about the little things.

10. Listen to the elderly tell their stories and experiences at this time, it is the best gift, they give us a moment in which we can look at life from other eyes and in each word they give us a piece of their heart; this Christmas let’s take care of our elders. Happy Holidays!

Funny Christmas Phrases

1. I once bought a battery pack from my kids, with a note that said “Toys not included.”

2. Christmas is the only day of the year where it is right to eat sweets that come inside a sock!

3. Don’t blame Christmas, you had already gained weight since August!

4. What I like least about the Christmas holidays in my office, is that I have to look for another job the next day.

5. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, but above all, keep receipts for all important purchases .

6. I love Christmas. I receive many wonderful gifts that I can’t wait to exchange or give away again.

7. Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.


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