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Tips To Prepare Your Kitchen for the New Year

When you have a place to call home, it’s easy to get comfortable and start collecting things. Before you know it, you haven’t made a collection but a mess of things.

Eventually, you’ll run out of space to put your things, resulting in clutter and a dangerous environment. Here are a few tips to prepare your kitchen for the new year to help you get your spring cleaning done early and prevent the buildup of clutter.

Make Sure To Take Inventory

Before you tackle your kitchen, you need to inventory everything you have. A detailed inventory will keep you from getting confused and running in figurative (or literal) circles. Keeping track of what you have and need will expedite your trips to and from the store or wherever else and make your life so much easier.

Donate or Toss Unnecessary Things

It’s common for people to collect things they don’t need, especially when it comes to kitchenware. We are always looking for the next best way or easier method to cook something to get a better result, either in the cooking time or food quality. While some items stay for the long run, others are strictly fads that fade almost as soon as you use them, and they become shelf space you may feel you can never get back.

Sort Through the Tupperware

Everyone uses Tupperware, but not everyone can get rid of their beloved containers for leftovers. Sorting through and recycling your Tupperware can be problematic if you have difficulty letting go. If you can, look at all your containers and keep only the pieces of your collection you use most often and haven’t warped or yellowed with time. After all, you can replace the others, and you may even have more than enough to last you for a while before you need to buy more.

Tips To Prepare Your Kitchen for the New Year

Clear the Hardtops

When cleaning out all your cabinets, remember your hardtops need attention, too. There may even be a few kitchen appliances that may be okay to donate if they are still in good condition. You may be able to recycle those appliances that are beyond repair instead of tossing them into your local landfill.

Make a List of Necessities

Keep a checklist along the way as you clean and organize your kitchen. There may be items in your cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, and freezer—such as canned foods and perishables—that need replacing. If you notice you’re low on certain items after you organize everything, put them on the list.

These are just a few tips to prepare your kitchen for the new year. Everyone deserves a fresh start from time to time, so let’s make this year a success!




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