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How to make money being a mommy blogger and influencer?

How to make money being a mommy blogger and influencer?

Being a mommy blogger

Every day there are more moms who decide to work online and make money, one way to do this it’s through a blog. Working for ourselves and from the comfort of our home, organizing our time without neglecting children is the dream of every mother.

There is definitely nothing like being our own bosses, as it allows us to strike a balance between our professional and personal lives.

How to create and grow a successful blog?How to make money being a mommy blogger and influencer?

  • First of all, you have to know your audience very well, be clear about the topics that you will deal with in your blog, remember that the topics must be some that you know very well. Offer something different and innovative to your audience and define your own style, do not copy other people.
  • Choose a name that represents well what your blog is about.
  • Invest in your own domain and hosting.
  • Make sure your blog has an attractive design, but make it easy and simple for people to visit your website.
  • Take full advantage of social networks and use them as a broadcast channel, on Instagram for example there are many bloggers and mommy influencers with whom you can make yourself known and interact. They are an important channel where you can interact with your audience and also with trademarks.
  • Take care of your audience. Interact with your audience, encourage them to comment and always offer valuable content

How to make money being a mommy blogger and influencer?

How to earn money with your blog and as an influencer?

Once your blog and social networks are well-positioned and you have a good number of loyal followers, you will be a good candidate for brands, since you will have credibility with your audience and they will pay attention to the recommendations you make.

For example, Instagram is a very popular channel that lends itself to many brands marketing in this medium. Facebook is another one where digital marketing campaigns are very common.How to make money being a mommy blogger and influencer?

There are digital marketing platforms that connect bloggers and influencers with brands, they manage the campaigns in which you can participate. It is important to know how to choose and determine some selected criteria. For example, there are platforms like Intellifluence with mom and parenting influencers with specialized categories for parenting influencers that are very useful for you to monetize your work.

Keep in mind that to earn money you will have to invest many hours, especially at the beginning. To maintain a blog and your networks you must be very committed, if you relax, you risk being overtaken by the competitors.

The Internet is much more competitive today than a few years ago. Although the potential income is greater because people have lost the fear of buying online, it is also more difficult to be visible.

Bonus Tips

  • Post at least twice a week. If you want to stand out you must be constant and always have updated information.
  • Position yourself as a blogger. You will achieve this by promoting yourself, starting with your closest contacts (friends and family), and promoting yourself online, and on social networks.
  • Participate in other blogs, and make comments and recommendations, through this you will be joining a community and they will also recommend you

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