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Insect bites in children: how to avoid them

With the arrival of good weather, children and adults feel like going outside and enjoying the sun and the longer days. But at this time of year, you have to be careful with insect bites, especially with the little ones in the home. Insects such as wasps, bees and mosquitoes are most active in spring and summer and can cause many bites in minors.

Children can be a population group especially sensitive to insect bites. But what possible solutions are there to take care of the skin after bites? We see the most interesting ones below.

Possible solutions to bites in children

Children now spend more time outside and are more susceptible to insect bites. In case of perceiving that the child has been bitten by an insect and if we do not have any soothing product nearby, it is advisable to wash the area with fresh water and soap trying to remove the sting of the insect gently (if it were the case).

In addition, if the area is inflamed it can be very useful to apply local cold to reduce inflammation. In case we see that the inflammation is very large and that the little one complains of a lot of pain, we recommend going to a health center to be evaluated by a doctor.

These are possible solutions that any adult can use when a child is bitten by an insect. It is important to observe the bite and contemplate its evolution to see if it is reducing inflammation and redness or if on the contrary, its evolution is negative and we need some type of assistance. In any case, we are also going to offer some advice to parents and caregivers of minors to try to prevent insects from biting children when going out to play.

How to avoid insect bites

In addition to using solutions at our disposal to reduce the symptoms after a bite, we can also prevent them by applying the following tips:

Use insect repellents

The insect repellents on the market in cream or spray format are a good option to avoid bites. You have to make sure at all times that your application is recommended for children. In addition, in the case of babies, it is not advisable to apply it to hands and feet because they can be put in their mouths at any time.

Discreet clothing

The striking colors in the clothing of children can attract insects, so for outings, we can bet on discreet clothes and soft colors. In addition, it is also advisable to avoid the walks taking place in areas with wetlands, where insects abound. And, of course, try not to use perfumes with intense odors in children because they can attract insects thinking they are plants to pollinate.

Inside the home

Insect bites can also occur inside the home. To avoid entering the family home we advise the use of mosquito nets on the windows and the installation of repellents such as ultrasound, in different sockets of the home. It is also very important to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the house to prevent insects from nesting in corners and ceilings and that they can approach children and bite them. Mosquito repellent bracelets for children are also very useful, which can help prevent bites from these insects.

By preventing insect bites and applying some of the possible solutions we have given for bites we can ensure that the children of the house do not suffer from the abundance of insects that occurs at this time of year.


Arnidol roll-on bars can be an option after contact with insects on the skin of the little ones. These types of solutions combine Arnica flowers and other active ingredients of natural origin such as calamine or Boswellia resin which together help to relieve the skin of children after contact with insects.

These bars are applied around the affected area giving a light massage to distribute the product evenly and promote its absorption. Arnidol Pic combines Arnica flowers along with 6 other ingredients for immediate relief after contact with insects. Arnica softens, moisturizes and soothes the skin, Boswellia contains aromatic resins that have beneficial properties when applied to the skin and calamine helps to soothe the skin.

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