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Christmas with kids, how to survive it

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Christmas is a very fun and harmonious time although it can also cause unnecessary stress in many families. Easier said than done. Because among all the decorations, recipes, last-minute Christmas shopping and boring children, you wonder, how do you survive Christmas with children?

Many children experience Christmas with great enthusiasm and magic before their eyes, but for some at least for a few moments, this period of the year can be a terrible thing, adults gather to chat and children spend time together. Don’t play hide and seek “your new clothes get dirty!” Without a computer or television. Sit quietly behave yourself. And what do children do then? Bored and complain.

Younger children live the first Christmas with great enthusiasm, but as they grow up it is normal for children to look so saturated with everything that Christmas is promoted, with constant images of Santa Claus, the Magic Kings and Christmas elements that can get to the case that the child ends up really fed up with this time and the parents disappointed, because they cannot make them feel that the child identifies with a magical time and full of illusion.

Involve your children as much as possible during the Christmas holidays and just have a good holiday together!


Boredom at Christmas: what to do about it

It allows children to have time for themselves during Christmas days. All-day at home, on a Christmas visit or sitting at the table for hours, that does not make them happy. They can reach an agreement on that day in advance.

– For example, plan some group games or let them play outside for a while. They can go for a walk together through the forest early in the morning or just at night. With flashlights !, or for your town or city and enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful lights of the Christmas party.

– If you stay at home a fun Christmas movie also does wonders. And why not an hour of television or computer?

– They can decorate balls and Christmas decorations. Many stores sell Christmas balls that do not break. Let them decorate one and you will have a unique Christmas ornament to decorate your tree or to give to someone.

With glitter, stickers, ribbons, tissue paper, crepe paper, pieces of paper, etc., there are thousands of materials and shapes, the limits are set by you. Another idea is to make Christmas ornaments from old CDs, decorating the non-shiny side of the CD with paper, Christmas garlands, and glitter.

– Christmas cards. Instead of the same standard cards every year, your friends and family will receive an original personal email. Give your children blank cards, magazines or brochures, markers, glue and they will be entertained for a long time.

– Investigating how Christmas is celebrated in another place in the world is a great way to get to know your own traditions and those of other cultures. That they see that the world is not only where we live but that there is much beyond and that they have customs very different from ours. For example, in many countries, it is celebrated in summer and only this already makes it live differently.

– Look for a phrase that guides them during the year. Propose a phrase that motivates them and guides their purposes for next year. Write it and have it well visible so that everyone can see it. If you want, the children decorate it like this will feel more yours, but be your guide to achieve their dreams next year.


Recipes and Christmas dinner with children

Do you plan on staying in the kitchen for Christmas dinner? Do not make it too difficult and go for simple dishes. Involve your children in activities. Let them help you decorating some tasty recipe.

Give them a space so that one day during Christmas parties they can put on their aprons and prepare a rich recipe. Cooking is an art that children can learn from an early age. It is a unique learning and an excellent opportunity to have a fun time.

How to celebrate Christmas with children?

Chat with the guests and enjoy everything on the table. Not with children! Because spending hours in the kitchen is fine, but if children want to leave the table after 20 minutes, you start stressing out and you want to know if they are calm and behave.

You can ask your family members not to get too many sweets before the main meals when you visit with the children, the excess sugar is not very good for your health, but without exceeding it let them eat something more than they normally eat .. .We are partying, raise your hand and do not become obsessed.

You can cook different types of dishes, and prepare mini portions of some of the recipes that children really like.
Children like to be treated as equals so for example, you can let children drink real drinks, and for the little ones in the house there are also plastic cups. Serve them a rich white or red grape juice in it.
You can prepare a table for children only. Do children no longer support it? Do not force them to remain seated, let them play for 15 minutes. Perhaps you can create a space in the classroom where children can play without danger of breaking anything and at the same time be supervised.

Maybe you’re busy with all the Christmas preparations, and that’s perfectly understandable. But don’t forget to enjoy it a little. It is a special period of the year in which loved ones gather to have a good time together. Let your children also enjoy without too many additional rules.

Christmas with children is undoubtedly much better, an ideal time to return to childhood, enjoy small things and get carried away by the moment: Christmas is the childhood party and you can take advantage of it to share time with your children. It can serve to forget a little of the daily routine and share experiences and anecdotes together. The most important tradition is what makes you happy. So fill in Christmas just the way you want it. Keep in mind what is good for you and your family.


All the information we give you in this article is for orientation since each child and each family is different and unique.


Carolina González Ramos

Edda Virtual Solutions


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