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como entrenar tu dragon

How to Train Your Dragon Theme Party – Toothless

Written by: Brenda Vega

I want to share this new experience I had with my little one 🐲💚.

We do not want to throw the house out the window with expensive costs, my little one will be 3 years old and as you know, moms drive the typical party of cars 🚗  superheroes, or princesses 👸🏽 or unicorns 🦄. ….

But it turns out that now my young man is with the novelty of dinosaurs and dragons, and this time he wanted his party to be about “How to train your dragon”, to be honest, we have breakfast, we eat, and we have dinner with Toothless.

You can imagine everything is about this dragon, the dishes, the glasses for the water, the piñata, the cake and of course the costume could not be missing 🐲.

Toothless Themed-Birthday

Well the things I occupied for that day were:

  • The piñata
  • Toothless cake and plates
  • Green & red jello
  • Instead of goodie bags, I preferred to give the little kids, some chips and a small fruity juice
  • I had the costume done. I can tell you, it is much cheaper than buying it and the truth is, that it looks much better. I will give it double use, I plan to use it now for the Day of the Dead celebration

It turns out that I was going to celebrate his birthday by organizing his party with all his friends and reuniting the family, but my son wanted his party in kindergarten school and well, I wanted to try something different to get out of the routine and believe me it is worth experiencing that 💚

To carry things was a bit easy since his dad helped me in that aspect, while he was going for the cake, I was taking out the snacks, the juices, and the piñata 🎉

Cake time

You know something, the children enjoyed the cake a lot, believe me, when I saw their little faces all excited when I put the cake, the piñata and the candies and juices that I would give them, they were very excited! Enjoy your little ones because they grow up flying !!

I hope and you can enjoy these experiences 🐲💚🎉, they are very beautiful


Written by: Brenda Vega through

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