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Tips to take care of your travel expenses

Are you planning a trip with your family and want everything to be perfect to make the experience good for your baby? It’s not that complicated, although you have to take into account several points, follow simple recommendations to travel with your little ones and I assure you that your trip will be much more practical and quiet. Take care of your travel expenses.

Travel expenses

We start with something basic, which is to have a well-defined budget for your trip, organize your possible expenses and define which ones you can cover without problems in cash and which would be more convenient to cover with the use of credit cards. It may seem obvious, but I assure you, you don’t want to have unforeseen complications with some need for your little ones for money.

A debit is an excellent option too, only sometimes risky and does not have extensive coverage like credit. I’m telling you this since in travel topics there are some that offer various benefits such as:

  • You have access to lounges at the world’s major airports.
  • You buy your trip wherever you want with the option to pay with points.
  • Welcome Bonuses.

You can even have the benefit of having several types of insurance:

  • Accident insurance in common transportation, up to $300,000 US dollars
  • Baggage protection up to $750 US dollars
  • Death balance, up to $1 million pesos
  • Extended Warranty for up to $2,000 US dollars

Medical recommendations for travel

The health risk will depend on each airline and country, although according to specialist doctors it is better to wait until a baby is at least two months old. This is because an airplane is a closed place where bacteria and germs can easily attack and the baby has not yet developed a high level of immunity or has not received all of its vaccines and boosters to combat the long waiting hours during the flight.


Save on carry-on baggage?

One of the most common things is spending at airports. And let me tell you, this duty-free thing is anything but cheap. The main purchase inside the waiting rooms are bottles of water since when passing security you can not pass any liquid greater than 100ml. For this, you can carry an empty cylinder or store an empty bottle that you have and fill it in the multiple drinking fountains on the premises. A bottle of water can cost three times its original price!

No thinking about food… if they can carry snacks packed in your carry-on luggage, do it! just check that you don’t carry forbidden things like seeds, grains, etc.

You must prepare for any unforeseen events. Therefore, you need to carry enough so that you don’t have to buy brands you don’t know for example diapers, milk, and snacks for your baby in your destination.


What shouldn’t be missing?

The best option to travel with babies is to bring a detachable car. By sending it to the hold, you can put it in a bag to protect it from damage. You can also wear an ergonomic kangaroo, it will be useful in many situations such as connections or during walks. The lighter your luggage, the easier it is to carry your baby.

During the flight

Remember to prevent anything you occupy for your baby’s breastfeeding, and to change the diaper on the plane. Again I recommend you not buy any food here, it goes out just like going to a restaurant and the preheated food will leave you much to be desired. Take things from home and save!

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