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A Stroller Buying Guide For First-Time Moms

For first-time moms, the news that they’ll be expecting a baby brings in a roller coaster of emotions. There’s the feeling of joy and excitement, but there are also nerves and angst, feeling like they don’t know how to start with this whole parenting thing. The good news is that many more baby gear, equipment, and items are available today (that weren’t years ago) to help raising a baby feel easier. One of those is a baby stroller. 

Take time to walk around and window shop in the baby section of department stores, and you’re sure to be welcomed by lots of strollers, left and right. Each one is screaming, ‘Buy me!’ but which one is right? Baby strollers can be expensive, but the right one can make all the difference in making it easier and more accessible when bringing your baby around. 

When you’re looking for prams for newborn babies, it’s important to choose one that can last so many years of use so it grows with your baby. Here’s a guide to help you out. 

Ask Yourself What The Budget Is

One of the biggest shocks first-time moms will face when stroller shopping is how expensive they can be. This may be true, but you don’t have to stress too much. If you take the time to search thoroughly, you’ll certainly find the best option for your budget. Stick to what you have in mind so that you can narrow down the choices based on what you can afford. 

However, note that a stroller is essentially one of the ‘big buys’ when budgeting for your baby. This means a good rule of thumb is the higher the price point, the better the quality is. Don’t skimp on this, given how much use you’ll make from your stroller. With a good one, you may even be able to pass it down from one sibling to the next. 

Inspect The Frame

Expensive strollers have one thing in common: the frame feels strong and is not flimsy. This is something you should be keen on checking. If the frame is flimsy, skip that stroller. You’ll regret it, especially once your baby grows heavier. 

The frame should feel like it can hold up all the weight of your baby plus the things you’ll be bringing with you. You can never underestimate the number of things you’ll have to bring at any given time with young children. You’ll need a stroller that helps you with that load. 

Check The Storage Space

Once the baby comes, gone are the days when you can leave the house with ease. As briefly mentioned above, you’re sure to have to practically bring the entire house with you—well, not really, but it’ll feel like it. A nice add-on would be enough storage space at the lower part of your stroller. 

Ideally, the diaper bag will be hooked to the stroller’s handles. But the diaper bag isn’t the only thing you’ll be bringing. Say, for instance, you’re off to the supermarket or department store. If your baby is asleep in the stroller, you’ll need them to stay there. That basket below is handy for placing other things you’ll be bringing. 

That’s just one scenario. There are many more where you’ll be glad to have enough storage space. Believe experienced moms when they say you can never have enough storage in your stroller. The bigger, the better. 

Try Folding And Unfolding The Stroller

Millennial moms or moms in general are masters of multitasking. An ordinary human has two hands, but moms seem to have more. This isn’t because they’re designed to be that way; they have no choice but to be that way. There are many instances in

a mom’s busy life when you’ll have to do as much as you can with your hands, and one of those situations is when you’re folding and unfolding the baby stroller. 

Ideally, you can leave the baby in the car seat while folding and unfolding the stroller. But no one lives in the ideal world, and babies are very unpredictable. They can throw a fit at any given time, so sometimes, you may have to manage the stroller while holding the baby. This often happens, too, when you’re traveling, for instance.  

Don’t let your stroller cause added stress, all because it’s so difficult to fold and unfold. There are so many strollers created for easy folding and unfolding, so look for one that gives you that. 

Find The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby

Whether you’re taking your baby for a walk in the park, to the supermarket, or out on a family holiday, a baby stroller is among the gear you’ll be taking along with you. It’s every mom’s best friend, and yours should feel like it, too. 

With the guide above, you should feel more confident about finding the perfect ride for your baby. It’s an investment piece, so make sure it’s worth it. Most importantly, remember to factor in your personal preferences. The best stroller always ticks your checklist, not another mom’s.

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