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Short & humorous children’s poems

The kids can get closer to poems if you show them humorous poetry that involves animals, fantastic creatures, funny situations, and silliness. There are so many surprises in the way poets rhyme their verses. Some of these poems have been written by kids and that’s what makes them so unique, this is fun from the very best!

Children who have a strong sense of rhyme and rhyming abilities are more likely to be good readers and spellers. They may look at patterns within words and how they are produced by focusing on rhyming, which helps with word recognition and spelling. Short poetry is jam-packed with literary characteristics including characters, narrative organization, new vocabulary, and rhyming, all of which can benefit kids in developing core and advanced literacy abilities. Which are your favorite poems? Let’s find out!


His father was a whale,
With a feather in his tail,
Who lived in the Greenland sea.
And his mother was a shark,
Who kept very dark
In the Gulf of Caribee.
His uncles were a skate,
And a little whitebait,
And a flounder and a chub beside;
And a lovely pickerel,
Both a beauty and a belle,
Had promised for to be his bride.
You may think these things are strange,
And they are a little change
From the ordinary run, ‘tis true:
But the queerest thing (to me)
O all appeared to be,
That he was a kangaroo!

Laura E. Richards



How many scientists have written
The shark is gentle as a kitten!
Yet this I know about the shark:
His bite is worser than his bark.

Ogden Nash



Who wants my jellyfish?
I’m not sellyfish!

Ogden Nash



I’m sneaky bill, I’m terrible mean and vicious,
I feel all the cashews from the mixed nut dishes;
I eat all the icing but I won’t touch the cake,
What do you won’t give me, I’ll go ahead and take.

I gobble up the cherries from everyone’s drinks,
And if there’s sausages I grab a dozen links;
I take both drumsticks if there’s turkey or chicken,
And the biggest strawberries are what I am picking,
I make sure I get the finest chop on the plate,
And I’ll the portions of anyone who’s late!

I’m always on the spot before the dinner bell-
I guess I’m pretty awful,
But I do eat well!

William Code


I have a little brother
And I brought him to my mother
And I said I want another
Little brother for a change.

But she said don’t be a bother
So I took him to my father
And I said this little brother
Of a brother’s very strange.

But he said one little brother
Is exactly like another
And every little brother
Misbehaves a bit he said.

So I took the little brother
From my mother and my father
And I put the little bother
Of brother back to bed.

Mary Ann Hoberman


Some primal termite knocked on wood
And tasted it, and found it good,
And that is why your cousin may
Fell through the parlor floor today.

Ogden Nash

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