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fiesta cumpleaños Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Birthday Party

Well, this little piggy arrived with her family and revolutionized the world, it is naturally a cartoon from the UK, in fact, you can realize when they drive, they do it on a different side than ours. Well, there are balloons, stuffed animals, notebooks, and more for this themed party!

But how to organize a Peppa Pig birthday party without spending so much for your girl or boy?

Here you’ll find the best ideas:

1.- The invitations, here I leave you some blank templates with images of peppa pig, to put date, name, location (CLICK ON THE IMAGES OF PEPPA TO SEE IN LARGE AND BE ABLE TO PRINT IT):




2.- The details, things like bottles of water, glasses, or decorations with some ornament will make the difference in the party with peppa pig theme for being original:





3.- The activities, the children can not be still, so coloring one of these drawings of Peppa and his family, can be of great help (CLICK ON THE IMAGES OF PEPPA TO SEE IN LARGE AND BE ABLE TO PRINT IT):peppa-dibujo peppa-drawing peppa-gacela

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4.- If you need more activities, throwing balls into your mouth or playing with masks may be the option:



5.- The decoration of Peppa: the good thing about Peppa the pig, is that almost everything is pink, here are some nice tips and news, for the decoration of the place where the party will be, it can be at home, living room or garden:


As in Peppa everything is drawing like children, you can make a very nice background of sun and clouds, or even the mountain where Peppa lives.

If you use Chinese paper, for example, for your decoration you can have a beautiful result and with an economical material,



6.- The piñata, although almost all of us buy the peppa pig piñata, here are some ideas in case you want to make it yourself or with your children:peppa-pinata
7.- I leave you some Peppa stamps in case you need them:

8.- The dessert or cake, it may be that you make cookies, cake, or that you send it to do, here are some ideas:peppa-galletas


9.- The goodie bags, do not break your head or spend in very elaborate and expensive bags, these look incredible, in addition to giving sweets, you are giving a balloon to children; print, cut, paste, and tie a balloon:


10.– If you feel like giving a gift to your guests, these are some ideas of memories for a peppa la cerdita party:

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