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Hulk Birthday Party for Kids

We can not forget the fantastic Hulk of the Avengers, who is actually the scientist Bruce Banner, who with his experiments where he was exposed to gamma rays, transforms into a green rabies machine called the Hulk. Throughout the Avengers films, this character finds some peace and learns to live with the green monster inside. Of course, your children do not want to miss a party based on this famous character, and in which you can do many activities, achieving great fun among the guests.

The organization of this party will be very simple and fun following the tips that we show you, here in Tips de Madre, so that your child has an unforgettable event.

1.The first step is to have the Invitations, and as in my articles, I show you several examples, where you can see that there are totally blank designs for printing at half a letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):


2. The Decoration of the Tables you can make them with green balloons mainly, which you can combine with black, or various types of green and even with yellow and gold. the backs of the tables can be decorated with posters or drawings of the Hulk, with drawings of bricks or a city, with curtains in green plastic or with pennants. Tables should be adorned with cake and snacks or food with the theme of this character, and if you like you can complement it with cardboard figures of this hero.

3.Centerpieces, On the tables you can put simple centerpieces, putting in any container hands of Hulk, or cardboard figures of this character anchored to a small drawer also made of cardboard.


4.The Details are part of what you prepare the guests to play and have fun, and at the same time take them as a souvenir. On this occasion you can buy very cheap white shirts and deliniear the figure of Hulk so that the children finish painting and put it on, and they can also support the completion of the cuffs and the face of the Hulk in fomi, having a great advance on your part so that they only give them the final touches. You can also include green balloons in numbers and have stands of sweets in green that will attract a lot of attention.

5.The Activities they are part of the fun of the party, children can play by putting on the shirts, as well as the masks and cuffs they finished making. They can split the piñata in the form of this character, make cardboard with paper to see which child breaks it faster and stronger, as well as small plastic cups to be crushed by these children.

I also show you coloring pages that you can print in letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):

6.La Food, I show you various food alternatives mainly in green, which can not be missed in The Hulk Party, that can green vegetables, tacos with green tortilla, sopes with green salt or pasta, and for dessert in addition to the cake, you can offer desserts such as green jellies and lemon drink with green juice, this way you will keep the theme of the party and the children will enjoy a delicious meal.


7.The Cake, Cupcakes or Cookies, the cake must have at least the hand or face of the Hulk or if you want to make it more complicated you can have it full body, as well as the cupcakes or cookies that will look spectacular with the face of this great character. If you find it complicated to elaborate, you can always send them to do:



8.Candy Bags you can make them with paper, cloth or cardboard bags to which you can stick drawings on helmet paper the face or hand of Hulkand memories in complement to the shirt and the face and cuffs of Hulk with those who were playing the little ones, you can make them candy to which you stick the drawing of the silhouette of HulkThis party will be a success!




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