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How does a pregnancy affect a teen’s life?

Being a mother is a process full of changes and unexpected experiences, coupled with endless emotions. This is applicable to any woman regardless of her age, as well as her partner. In the case of teenage pregnancy, the way it affects your life will depend on very personal characteristics. Every case is different. Here we show you some points that could affect or modify their life project so that once they identify it they can support them in the most functional way for everyone.

1. Grief or changes you will experience.

When we talk about grief we refer to the cycle that is experienced in the face of changes or losses. We talk about the coming and going of emotions. From denial of the situation, nostalgia, anger, guilt, etc. Many times it is not about denying pregnancy or responsibility as such, but it is the emotions before the changes it generated in their daily lives. From stopping going to school, changes in your body, new responsibilities, bonds that were broken with the people around you, etc. This can also depend a lot on the context in which it is developed and under what conditions it is, for example at an economic level.

So that they are not so overwhelming, they can analyze them and give a thorough answer to each one. In addition to starting to gradually replace those activities with others of your liking, do not forget the time alone for recreation, care for your person, your emotions, in the case of women also the care of your skin, and hair. Develop a new life project.

2. Pregnancy Support Network

That is, those who can help and support it. Much of what others say can influence the emotions of expectant parents. It is time to break with prejudices.

There are usually many criticisms, and many phrases are aimed at a constant punishment, provoking guilt, fear, and distrust about their abilities, but they do not give them a clue about their present or let them experiment to learn. Establishing a support network is very important. Like all parents, they are first-timers and need guidance. It is not about resuming their responsibility, as family members, it is good to be clear about the difference between accompanying, guiding, teaching, and doing things completely for them.

3. Skills you have.

Experience is often believed to be given by age. We hope that adolescents do not have the maturity to face this new stage with each responsibility, although this is not necessarily the case. It’s actually because of the skills we develop in the face of events.

There are many adults who would not know how to do it or on the contrary, some teenagers who would do better. It all depends on how much they decided to learn according to what they experienced before, how much responsibility they had for their activities, how good they were with the organization of times, problem-solving, communication, and how safe they felt when they did new things, how they faced their fears, etc. Of course, it is a stage of growth where there are many other changes, and they may have just found themselves at that moment of discovering and learning everything mentioned. But it is also possible that they already had her by the time they learned of the pregnancy.

The idea is that they have all the possible tools for this stage. Get to know each other more and explore their capabilities in a pleasant way. Accompanied by your support network, it will help your pregnancy a lot. Something that should also be taken into account is that it is worth having good and bad days. But always with the aim of continuing to work in each area and improving.

By way of conclusion, a pregnancy may or may not affect a teenager’s life. Speaking of what to affect refers to harmful or unpleasant effects. That depends as much on the above characteristics as on the decisions that are made about them. A pregnancy will modify the life project, and temporary discomforts typical of change will be presented, but they can also be meanings as pleasant experiences and learnings that help the well-being of adolescents.


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