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How do I decorate the front garden of my house?

Decorating the front of the garden is an activity that you will surely enjoy a lot. It is an experience that will allow you to play with the most creative part of you, while experiencing tranquility and contact with nature. Let’s talk about how to decorate your front yard

Entrance of the house with garden

If you’re still hesitant to do so, it’s time to say yes or if you’ve ever asked yourself “Now how do I fix the front yard of my house?”. You’re in the right place. To bring a space of this type into your home is to give yourself a place where you can rest, walk or simply go out and breathe. It’s the best decision you can make. The best thing is that below you will find garden front ideas at the entrance of the house, easy and fast, as well as other more elaborate, but all beautiful, ideas that can surely be adapted to the design of your home.

Stone or cobblestone path

It is a decoration that you can make by your own hand or with the help of a professional. By laying down some rocks and cement or laying the cobblestone, remember that you can play around with the sizes, colors, and order in which you place things. Above all, don’t forget to respect the space of your front garden, try to make it a corridor that can provide comfort but also take care of the plants and trees.

Garden Front Lighting

Below we show you more examples of floors with cobblestones, but complemented by lighting. In this case, the fewer elements you have, the better, that is, a minimalist style for a garden entrance can provide an environment of great tranquility and peace. You can choose to place small lamps on the floor or on top of a roof in your garden.

Pot or planter

Pots are the easiest and quickest thing to get that we have for you. Many times we take it for granted that because we have trees we don’t require pots, but they can be a super interesting combination. If you want to place them inside the garden we recommend using tall and large pots, so that they do not get lost in the vegetation and if they are smaller, put them near a floor or door. You can also experiment with colors.

Fountain or pond in planter

This one requires a little bigger budget to decorate the garden, but I think it can be one of your best investments to make your home look elegant and beautiful. Preferably place it in the middle of the space, always take care that the plants are a little far away or do not saturate the space and give it only a touch of nature. Here are some examples, with different styles.

Garden furniture (chairs)

Finally we have garden chairs, they can be made of any material, plastic, wood, etc. What you want most is to put them in a strategic space where they can’t get wet or damp, or if unavoidable, get plastic or metal materials that won’t get damaged. The most important thing about these elements is to cover them with material against termites or any animal that can harm them and provide them with daily cleaning so that the decoration maintains its shine.

Don’t forget that any change you make to your home has a huge impact. Enjoy the process and remember that you don’t need to do everything in one moment, you can structure it little by little, put details and when you realize it you will have the garden of your dreams. Tell us which of these ideas you think can best suit your style and your front garden.




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