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The Rise of Dog Daycares: Why Are They Popular?

Dogs are social animals and get lonely when left on their own all day. Even if they have other pets at home to keep them company, the lack of human interaction can be damaging over time. 

Daycare centers allow your pup to have fun with his doggie friends while getting lots of attention from the staff and other customers.

Why Are They Popular?

Twenty years ago, doggy daycare wasn’t really a thing. It was more difficult to find a place where dogs would be cared for. In the past decade, daycare centers have really thrived and become popular, and here are a few of the top reasons why:

Dog Parents Are Working More

Many of those who take their pooches to daycares have to work more hours and having a dog with them all day will help them cope better.

There has also been a rise in small businesses over the pandemic, and businesses have seen record profits. More businesses mean more people are employed, and dog owners have more opportunities to find part-time or full-time jobs.

Increased Awareness

As the economy has grown, businesses have been able to invest in advertising and marketing initiatives. The popularity of doggy daycare centers has grown as a result of more exposure and awareness.

The pet industry is also growing, with veterinary practices offering more services and investing in professional services like to help them promote and manage these services. Some veterinary clinics are adding doggy daycare facilities to their practice to stay ahead of the competition.

Pets Are More Popular

Ownership rates for dogs and cats are at an all-time high, with over 70 million pet dogs nationwide. This means there are more dogs and cats in need of attention than ever before. Daycare centers have benefited from this increase in popularity by making it easier for pet owners to care for their pets.

Dog owners can leave their dog with a staff member in the morning and then go to work while knowing that they have taken adequate care of their pet.

Socialization And Exercise

Doggy daycares provide a great opportunity for socialization, as they allow dogs to interact with a variety of people and dogs. This helps keep canines fit and healthy.

With so many social events and activities in nature, it’s important for dogs to get out and spend time interacting with people and other animals at least once a day. Dog owners who don’t want to leave their dogs alone all day might be persuaded by this opportunity to provide their dogs with plenty of opportunities for exercise and socialization.


For dogs who need some extra training, taking them to doggy daycare is an excellent way to provide them with the help they need.

Having one-on-one training for your dog while you are at work is highly beneficial for the dog and the owner. The dog gets the chance to learn the skills and the behaviors that are wanted, and the owner is happy in the knowledge that their dog is being taught good manners and kept busy.

By allowing your dog to work with a trainer on their own, you can actually improve their training and how fast they picks up these new skills.

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