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How to Open a Daycare Center: 5 Steps for Success

If you’re a tutor, former educator, or have plenty of experience in taking care of kids — plus an entrepreneurial streak, then you may have considered opening your own daycare center.

At an anticipated job growth of 7% in the upcoming decade, working in the childcare sector is a firm career choice. So, if you’re not sure how to open a daycare center, you’ve come to the right address.

Even though every road toward opening a business is different for each business owner, to help you begin, we’ve come up with a five-step guide on how to start a daycare. Continue reading below for some useful insight for starting your own daycare business.

Choose the Kind of Daycare Business You Want to Start

Prior to even getting to writing a business plan for your daycare business, you must make a decision about what kind you want to start. Consider whether you want to open a daycare business at your home, or if you would prefer a more commercial facility. Different permits are required in your city, depending on which one you choose.

You also must make a decision regarding what age groups you want to concentrate on. Next, you’ll need to choose a business entity. It will have a great impact on the way your business will be taxed and the way it operates.

Furthermore, you’ll need to consider if you want a business entity that provides you with a certain degree of protection. Registering your business as an LLC is a wise move because the business will take on liability if something goes wrong.

You can also decide to invest in a daycare franchise. That option will considerably streamline the steps you have to take when starting a daycare. When you pin down those details about your daycare, you can take up the next step, which is writing a business plan.

Write a Business Plan

This is a step you need to take when opening any business and it might be quite a lot of work, particularly for anybody looking to get going promptly on their business.

Having a daycare business plan assists you to set concrete goals for your business, arranging your business structure, planning your services, etc. Your daycare business plan should define your daycare’s manifesto, staffing, budget, operations, and procedures.

Your daycare business plan will keep you on track and aim toward success. It should incorporate a summary, a company’s outline, a market analysis which includes an evaluation of the need for a service like yours, a sales and advertising plan, and a financial plan along with financial estimates.

Learn About the Licensing Requirements

To open a daycare business, you’ll have to meet adequate licensing requirements for it to be legal. That way, your daycare center will be lawful and you won’t come across any legal issues admitting children into your care.

A good initial step is to get in touch with your state’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to find out about their specific legislation for childcare providers. Another way is to contact your local child care licensing agency, or you can also find such information online.

To acquire a license to open a daycare center, you’ll require a current CPR certification as well, a neat driving record, and some additional paperwork that demonstrates your commitment to offering quality child care.

Find a Location

If you plan on operating your daycare center out of your home, you’ll have to find a proper location for your daycare facility.

Numerous recreational facilities, local businesses, churches, and even schools have space ready to host a daycare, generally for a monthly payment. So, search online, in your community newspaper, and within your network to find suitable options in your region.

When you’ve found a proper fit, you should check your town’s zoning laws and permitting guidelines to ensure your location is compliant. That way you will evade some legal worries down the line. It would be ideal if you could find a central location that is easily accessible and suitable for children.

Prepare Your Daycare Center

After you’ve found your location, and have the appropriate materials and equipment in place, it’s time to prepare your daycare center adequately.

Start with cleaning your facility and sanitizing with an efficient antiseptic. Afterward, take the necessary steps to child-proof your facility in accordance with the ages of the children you will be accommodating.

Lastly, purchase game equipment and toys. It’s a good idea to use storage compartments to keep everything organized. You can always reorganize your layout in accordance with your needs.

Final Words

Starting a daycare may seem scary. There’s no blueprint for success, however, following these initial steps will help you to have a good start. The key is to remain motivated and know what you’re doing.

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