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Cinderella’s Birthday – Children’s Party

Cinderella is a Disney classic movie, there is no more to say. There have been several remakes or live-action movies of this children’s film, that’s why many girls love it (and also boys, mine just saw it and was in total suspense when the stepmother locked Cinderella). And with good reason they surely want their birthday of this theme, I bring you (and I designed) several ideas -we do not sell- so that your children’s party looks incredible and looks beautiful, with not so much budget involved.

1.- The invitations of Cinderella, CLICK on the image to see it in large and be able to PRINT it (the ideal is 2 per letter size sheet vertical format):


Cinderella Wallpaper




The latter is one that I found on the web, they are in cardboard and allude to the pumpkin that transports Cinderella to the palace:


2.- The details, as I have already explained in other parties, small things make your party look a lot and the guests will appreciate it, pennants, signs, cups with stickers, are some of the novelties that may be in your celebration:





It’s very practical to use either at home, living room, or garden, cutlery and disposable plates; but guess what, if you paint the Roman numerals and hands on the plate, it’s going to look amazing don’t you think? It’s an excellent idea.


3.- Centerpiece or Cinderella arrangements, here I have several ideas for centerpieces, one at each table or several at the candy table, they will look very cute, with normal balls of stamen or cones of thread, plus a mouse stuffed animal, you can have a great arrangement like this: (Isn’t it divine?)

If you want it a little more in the style of Cinderella, printing its silhouette with flowers can give you a great result:arreglo-de-mesa-princesa


4.- The tables and general decoration , the sky blue will be your ally in the Cinderella party:


5.- The food or snack, something that is always done for the children in addition to nuggets, are sandwiches, and what do you think if you get a mold? or with a knife you can shape different forms, look how magnificent they look:


The mandarins with celery, will be your pumpkins:


6.- The activities, essential for all the guests to have a good time, since it is not only about everything looking beautiful; but do something. Kids masks or coloring pages of Cinderella with crayons or watercolors, are a great option:

antifaz-fiesta-cenicienta coloreable-lacenicienta



7.- The clothes, whether you want to buy the traditional Cinderella dress, or do it yourself, you can make a cone with a little tulle, this can be a good idea to save money:


And for the rest of the family…

8.- Nowadays there is no lack of the table of sweets and desserts, here are some good options to dazzle the guests and especially for the celebrated to be happy on her Cinderella birthday:dulces-fiesta-cenicienta


9.- The moment of the cake, cookies or cupcakes. These first ones look tasty and easy to make because of the circular shapes:


In the part of the cupcakes, I inserted here the silhouette of Cinderella so you can PRINT, cut and add it to the cupckaes or muffins:



If your thing is to make cakes, a mold of Mickey’s face, the other way around can give you this as a result:

pastel-disney-cenicienta pastel-lacenicienta

Finally, if your thing is not cooking, sending to make a cake can be great, check this one, it is incredible:


9.- Cinderella goodie bags for the children’s theme party, with opaline paper or cardboard you can have a beautiful bag for your guests. The silhouette with a piece of tulle has always delighted me:

bolsa-dulces-cenicienta bolsita-cenicienta recuerditos-cenicienta

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