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Birthday and Iron man themed party for kids!

A great hero and leader of The Avengers who has been very successful and who will always leave his mark on the world of the Avengers is Tony Stark who with his great armor becomes the incredible Ironman, so your little ones will ask you for their birthday party with this character.

Thanks to the latest Avengers United movie, Marvel’s End Game, Iron Man became a favorite of many! And here I will present you with ideas for a happy Ironman birthday. The organization of this party will be very simple following the tips that we show you, here in Tips de Madre, so that your child has an unforgettable event.

1. The first step is to have the Invitations, and as in my articles, I show you several examples, where you can see that there are totally blank designs for printing at half a letter-size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):

2. The Decoration can be done with balloons of reds and golds, or reds and yellows, complementing it with a cardboard figure of the mask or the armor of this avenger, and you can include backgrounds in red or blue simulating the sky when this great superhero is flying through the air.

3. The Details it is a great idea that you make Ironman masks for the children to play and take as a gift; you can make them with cardboard, fomi or the material that best suits you. You can also make candy tubes, sticking this character’s mask on the lid or put candy in candy makers adorned with a plastic or cardboard figure of Ironman.

4. The Centerpieces or Arrangements are very simple when making the figure in cardboard and adorning it with Chinese paper of this super hero, or you can also make them with small balloons to which you can draw or paste the figure of Ironman, and in this way you have ornaments that complement the decoration of the party.

5. The Activities are part of the fun of the party, children can play with the masks you made them, play to guess the parts of the armor of this character as you will see in the figure that I show you so you can print it, you can also put a figure of this Life-size avenger for children to play blindfolded and carrying in their hands a cardboard that makes the heart of Ironman with a glue that adheres to the figure and they will try to stick it as accurately as possible, and you can not miss the piñata with the image of Ironman .

I also show you coloring pages that you can print in letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):

6. The Food, I show you various food alternatives in red and yellow colors and that can not be missed in The Ironman Party, mainly made with fruits, and you can also offer corn dogs, hot dogs, jellies, maintaining the colors of this great personality and that children will love:

7. The Cake, Cupcakes or Cookies, the cake you can make or have made as simple or complicated as you want, with which you have the mask or armor of Ironman, either with fondant, edible photo or with a plastic or cardboard character, as well as the cupcakes or cookies that will look spectacular with this super hero:


8. The Candy Bags are simple to make with paper or cardboard bags to which you can stick the mask of this Avenger, and the memories in complement to the masks with which the little ones were playing, you can make them personalized cups using plastic containers to which you stick the drawing of the mask of Ironman, or you can make candy palettes with the mask of this wonderful character.

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