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Avengers Kids Themed Party

As moms, we know that our kids LOVE the Avengers movies, and they are never tired of playing the different heroes such as Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Falcon, Wanda, Vision, and many more… And they would be more than happy with their birthday party with this theme from The Avengers Assembled.

To celebrate our little ones, here at Tips de Madre, I show you different ideas to make the party a success.

1. The first step is to have the Invitations, I show you several examples, where you can see that there are totally blank designs for printing at half a letter-size paper (CLICK ON SAVE AS):


2. The Decoration should not be complicated since, with a good combination of balloons of different colors and drawings or color prints of the characters of The Avengers that are favorites of our children, you can achieve wonders and turn a room into a real adventure in the world of The Avengers, as you can see below:


3. The Details complement the theme of the party either with posters and pennants of happy birthday or with plates and glasses that adorn the tables:

4. The Centerpieces or Arrangements will be the decorative complement that looks great either on the tables where the little ones sit to eat, or on the candy table, and that can be made with cardboard, balloons, and plastic:



5. The Activities are very important for the guests to have fun and the celebrant has a beautiful memory of his birthday party because apart from the decoration, the fun must be at all times, that is why I show you several activities, where you can see that the games can be made with cardboard, plastic, and cardboard.

6. I also show you coloring pages that you can print in letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):




7. The Food must be attractive for children to like, keeping the theme of The Avengers Party, including snacks, treats, and food in shape:

8. The Cake, Cupcakes or Cookies, there is a wide variety of ideas and colors for all the characters that are part of this fantastic world of The Avengers, you can make them at home if it does not seem very complicated, or you can send them to do:

9. Bags of Sweets or Souvenirs they are easy to make with paper bags to which you can paste drawings of the faces of the characters or their main symbols, which you can make on cardboard paper or cardboard, and the containers of the sweets you can make them with any plastic container, to which you can also stick a small drawing made of cardboard, so the kids will feel like they really were at a party. The Avengers:

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