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24 Names with the letter E for boys

Are you ready to find the best name for your baby? Your name will represent you in every way and it will become part of your identity. That is why choosing a name that sounds beautiful and has a meaning that is important to you, or that represents the characteristics that your child most desires to acquire over time, is essential. But where to start? that’s the first question everyone asks themselves once. There is no single answer, but if I could give you one, it would be, by exhausting all your options. That’s why we bring you 24 Names with the letter E for children:

Why choose a name that begins with the letter E?

The letter E, let’s start by placing that it is a letter that can give birth to an endless number of names, since being a vowel allows opening more combinations, giving us a getaway through these options will also allow us to look closely at names of different nationalities and with very varied meanings. But very specifically, this lyric has a very nice sound. You may wonder why that is. I’ll tell you.

You will notice that they tend to be very elegant and therefore, have a lot of presence when they are enunciated. Being the letter that represents the breath is considered a symbol of the soul or human spirit Can you imagine being able to give this meaning to the name of your little one just by choosing one of the following names we have for you? which are also very beautiful. Let’s discover them:

24 Names with the letter E for boys

  1. Emilio: In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful Greek names, because it means “kind, funny, courteous”. The most important features so that any little one can stand out and be the happiest.
  2. Erasmus: “Kind to all”, of Greek origin, a child who carries in his name all the humility and empathy learned.
  3. Eulalio: Of Greek origin, made for a baby who will have many social skills when growing up. Your greatest strength will be represented by your voice, you will know what to say and at what time, because its meaning is “Eloquent when speaking”.
  4. Etienne: This is of French origin, so it will sound elegant in itself, now more with its meaning: “crown”, worthy of a prince.
  5. Ezra: “help” , of Hebrew origin. A little one who will have a lot of kindness in his heart, empathy and care for the other.
  6. Erick/Eric/Erik: It is a variant or derivation of Eiríkr, it is Norse and means “single ruler”. Of course we talk about strength, intelligence and a born leader, he is a name with a lot of strength.
  7. Esau: It has biblical origin and can be translated to “lambskin” or the one that is soft. Therefore, we speak of innocence, love, and someone with a lot of spiritual peace.
  8. Ehecatl: A name of Aztec origin, which in addition to sounding extremely beautiful means “God of the wind”. Ideal for a baby who will be free, full of movement, adventurous and strong. In addition to that it will be named after a very important deity for this culture.
  9. Edgar: Of German origin, “who defends his treasure or wealth”. This name to the present would not only refer to a child who will build a good future for him, who will be intelligent and wise, but who will also know how to value and take great care of those around him, he will value every aspect of his life.
  10. Emmanuel: “God is with us”, of Hebrew origin. It turns out to be one of the most popular names in America and this is due to its great religious significance, it represents a little person who will express the most beautiful values of God, love, charity, empathy, etc.
  11. Eder: This is very uncommon, beautiful and original. Of Basque origin, it means “handsome”. Worthy of the beauty of your little one.
  12. Eider: It is a variant of Eder, but it is also associated with a very beautiful bird, a large, robust duck, with physical particularities in its beak and that is extremely sociable.
  13. Eduardo: It has a Germanic origin. It could be translated into wealth and guardian. Some signify him as “the guardian of wealth”, therefore an extremely intelligent and skillful little guy.
  14. Edward: Surely you have come to hear this name in some movies, well, it comes from Old English, it is a variant Eduardo so its translation would be the same, “wealth” or “fortune” and “guardian”.
  15. Elmer: Widely used in English-speaking countries, it means “noble and renewed”. These little ones are related to characteristics such as generous, ingenious, intelligent and kind.
  16. Emiliano: of Latin origin, means “working man”. One of the areas that most people look for so that their children can have a great future, plus it sounds very elegant.
  17. Emmet: of Hebrew origin, means “truth”. It is a very nice name and little heard, in reality it is usually the least chosen, since not everyone knows it. It is beautiful because it will also guide your little one on a good path.
  18. Enrique: means “strong, rich and powerful house”. Although it may sound a bit strange in the first instance, it is tied to the blood of European royalty, so it expressed its social status.
  19. Esteban: It comes from Greece, it means “crowned”. That is, a little prince, ready for leadership and success.
  20. Edmond: French variant of Edmund. Edmund: means “rich protector”. A child who in the future will have many responsibilities and power.
  21. Edwin: of English origin and means “rich friend”. Like several of the previous names, it puts as its main characteristic a future full of triumphs, above all economically.
  22. Efron: of Hebrew origin. It has a super beautiful meaning, “bird”. Someone free, willing to any adventure and create a unique life story.
  23. Eitan: Hebrew variant of Ethan, these two variants can be translated to “strong, firm”. Which can refer to both physical and spiritual strength.
  24. Elan: of Hebrew origin, means “tree”. This name is very neutral, it has also been used in girls and is linked to nature, strength, growth, continuous renewal and change.

We hope that among these names you can choose the ideal one for your baby. Which one did you like the most?

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