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Second baby announcement

Por: / Actualizado: 2015-02-22

You just realize you’re having a second baby? Make it public in your social networks, family or friends with this photo ideas: They are so original and creative: 1.- 2 + 2 = 4     2.- Put a number on previous kids:   3.- Player 2, and expecting date 4.- Nice photoshoot…

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Parents Pregnancy

Twin or multiples birth announcements

Por: / Actualizado: 2015-02-18

I’ve been looking for funny and creative ways to make twin or multiples birth announcements, in your social media apps, with the family, or whenever you want! Which one’s your fave? 1.- (2+3=5) 2.- Twin bikes 3.- Couple:  4.- “Coming this summer…” 5.- So funny

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Braided Hairstyles for baby girls

Por: / Actualizado: 2014-11-13

I know how important is for us that our kids look pretty and wonderful in every event or situation; like at a kid’s party; that’s why I took the homework for searching the best and easiest ways of braided hairstyles for baby girls. They look so nice and elegant. You’ll…

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My child was rejected from a school

Por: / Actualizado: 2014-11-13

And no, not everything is like we want it to be, and there are sometimes that our kids are rejected from a school we have chosen for them; maybe because is near the house, it’s not so expensive or because we liked the facilities they had. There are times that…

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